The Nuuaria Method  is a refreshing new way to create sustainable and meaningful change in your life by teaching you how to think differently, habitually.  

Thinking is the cause. Behavior is the symptom.  


Eating too much sugar, lack of consistency, not exercising, not eating enough vegetables, hates cooking, eating fast food, not eating during the day due to busyness, back-loading and eating all night, no mindfulness practices, excessive alcohol, too much television, lack of energy, getting thrown off track after weekends, holidays, vacations, restricting, bingeing, stress or emotional eating…


Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, despair, hopelessness, frustration, confusion, busyness, pride, worry, fear, concern, anger, discouragement, doubt, blame, guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, grief, victim, boredom, impatience…

emotional Habits

Perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, overthinking, catastrophic thinking, obsessive thinking (circling), storytelling (perception distortion), indecisiveness, drama
queen-isms/melodrama, analysis paralysis, identity attachment (that’s not me, I couldn’t do that, that’s just how I am)

Thought Habits

•Fear of the unknown
•Fear of failing/succeeding
• Belief in one’s unworthiness
•Fear of ‘rocking the boat’
•Fear of what others will think of you
•Belief in ‘I don’t have time’ or
‘I don’t feel like it’ or ‘I don’t deserve it’
or ‘I can do it myself/ should be able
to do it myself’
• Fear of criticism and opinions other than your own, not believing
(or being afraid) it’s possible.

beliefs + fears

The Nuuaria Method Explained with Creator Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS 


The Nuuaria Method  harnesses the best of several different modalities, leaving
the extra and unnecessary behind.

You use less effort and apply less willpower 
to achieve sustainable change.  


We help you explore your habitual and repeated thoughts while keeping you focused on forward movement rather than spending time in the past, replaying it and trying to understand it. 

We focus on integration over more knowledge, breaking down and helping you see each next right move along your way. 

We practice Unconditional Positive Regard, accepting and supporting you regardless of what you do or say.

Change habitual thought, embrace habitual emotion,
and your behaviors will change effortlessly. 

We are your peers, people who have been in your shoes and thought your thoughts.  

We ‘point’ you in a different direction, offer fresh perspectives + alternative solutions that you may not see when in the “weeds of life.” 

We use techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy such as neuroplasticity, thought redirection, + meditation. 

We give you a path to follow walk it with you


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