The Wellness Mindset Webinar with Maya Nahra, RD

Feeling unwell in your body?

Doing everything you can but still wake up feeling awful?

Angry and frustrated? Looking for yet another strategy?

Feel like you’re missing something?

Adopting the WELLNESS MINDSET can serve as your last road home to health, healing, happiness, and a normal-once-again life.

Join the Wellness Mindset Webinar with Maya Nahra, RD; behavioral registered dietitian, founder of Nuuaria and creator of the Nuuaria Method™


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95% of everything we THINK, FEEL and DO is habitual by age 35

your brain has 70,000 thoughts a day… are more of these daily mental energies spent on sickness or on health and happiness?

habits of the mind are just as important in your return to health as the actions you take to get there

setting and achieving emotional goals are the fastest way to close the gap between sickness and wellness

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Do you know what to do… and you’re just not doing it? Nuuaria is a center for change, designed to help people close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Specializing in physical and mental health through habit and behavior change, Nuuaria helps people live their best life feeling good, happy, healthy and purposeful.

The Nuuaria Method™ is an evidenced-based habit and behavior change, multi-level education in the areas of health and medicine, emotional and general wellbeing, career and relationships.

Nuuaria believes that change within the individual will result in the global changes necessary for a sustainable future. The company is dedicated to bringing the integration-focused change program to the masses, accessible to anyone desiring a better way.

Nuuaria was founded in 2012 by registered dietitian, Maya Nahra, in Phoenix, Arizona who was in search of a better way to reclaim her health and life and discovered a proven system that creates permanent lasting change despite circumstance and habit.

“Hi friends! I joined the Nuuaria program 10 months ago and am now 4 months into Heart Training. Today was the first time going to see my doctor since joining the program. Happy tears came flowing out when I realized how my overall well being has changed. I didn’t need a refill on my antidepressant medication. There was a decrease in weight without dieting. When answering the questionnaire about feelings of depression, insomnia or anxiety, I could truthfully answer that I don’t suffer from it to the level I once did, nor do I feel it is something I need to fix. I’m simply being easy on myself, allowing, letting go and knowing that I am ok.” – Marisela, Nuuaria Student

You are witnessing direct results of practicing self-love and self-worth ❤️ Thank you for being the change 

“Keep showing up to do the work and relieve your painful thoughts. Coping with life and creating new possibilities.”

How powerful are those words?? Creating NEW. It’s POSSIBLE. To feel r e l i e f 💫 Nuuaria is — a breath of fresh air — 🌬

Nuuaria means ‘new air’. 


I’ve been part of Nuuaria for about a month now. For the last 6 years of my life, I’ve had high stress/anxiety translating to high to off the charts cortisol levels on my all of my labs. If you know what cortisol is and the dangers of consistently high levels, you’ll know it wreaks havoc in the body and on your entire life.

For the first time in 6 years, my cortisol levels have dropped and are closer to normal ranges. I have also felt better and better as time goes on (still a work in progress). That has to be proof that the program has helped me get here in such a short amount of time. This was an emotional yet invigorating experience for me 

Thank you 💜 -Vanessa, Nuuaria Student

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