NUUARIa's signature WEIGHT LOSS program

"This is the first [program] that was NOT about the diet, not even the lifestyle, but about changing the mind."

What is it?

We help you lose weight without a diet. Yes, that's actually possible.

It requires you to (1) learn how to feed your own unique body, (2) change how you think, habitually, ending all-or-nothing thinking and; (3) learn that accepting your current body will produce better results than disliking it.

Who's it for?

Nuuaria is for people that know what to do to lose weight, and just aren't doing it.

They've been on 998 diets and often have only two modes: carrots + celery or, pizza + cake.

They are often overthinkers, all-or-nothing thinkers, sometimes catastrophic thinkers, perfectionists and people who like things in their control.

Often, they are ridden with stress and anxiety, overwhelm and frustration of maybe even hopelessness, depression and despair.

Because they've tried so many things, they are worried about failing again or wasting their money on that 'one more thing.'

They want to lose weight sustainably and without a diet. 

What You'll Learn:

The Nuuaria Weight Loss program uses the latest research in neuroscience and behavior change, to teach you the key mindset shifts and habit building process that makes sustainable weight loss a reality.  

Learn the formula to change your physical behaviors strategically 

Learn how to change your thought habits – not through rational or positive thinking, rather – through the latest research in neuroscience and Nuuaria’s Thought Redirection process 

Learn what emotions are and how to change habits of emotion that keep you from sustainable weight loss 

It’s not enough to just stop eating candy bars... you’ll have to learn how to stop thinking ‘candy bar thoughts’ too. 

What you can expect to accomplish

You can expect to learn, apply and integrate: how to think differently, do differently and feel differently in order to accomplish sustainable weight loss without a diet. You'll be able to exit the 'diet industry' and move on to live a meaningful life.

Program Inclusions


Optional Add On: Three 1-1 Sessions with Your Nuuaria Health Coach for Individualized Medical Nutrition Support to cater to co-morbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and thyroid disorders 

Twelve Integration Homeworks – knowledge means nothing without integration. Its like that book title we love,‘How-to’s really worked, we’d all be skinny rich and happy.’ 

Nuuaria’s YOU Diet Planner – it's time to clean up your diet and then figure out what YOUR individual body wants and feed it accordingly.

Optional Add On: Calls with Your Nuuaria Method® Mentor – your peers who have been in your shoes and thought your thoughts – to help guide you, hold you accountable, support you and most importantly, encourage the integration of the knowledge you're learning along the way.  

The Nuuaria Method® Online Weight Loss Training Curriculum. You’ll get access to our online video-based curriculum of courses that provides the education you need to learn how to think differently.

program modules + lessons


The Nuuaria Method® Online Weight Loss Training Curriculum is made up of five modules and twenty-eight lessons with twelve downloadable PDF homework outlines - that align with your twelve mentor calls. Plus a bonus materials section including additional tools for your decompress phase, meditation tools and health webinars in gut health, inflammation, sugar and more. 


Module One - Welcome to Nuuaria Weight Loss: 2 lessons 

Module Two - How to: Decompress Dietary Plan: 2 lessons 

Module Three - How to Change a Physical Habit: 5 lessons 

Module Four - How to Change Thought Habits: 10 lessons 

Module Five - How to Change Emotional Habits: 9 lessons 

BONUS Material - Tools For Decompress + Meditation Tools
+ Health Webinars 


Maya Nahra

Maya is the founder of Nuuaria, creator of the Nuuaria Method® and Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress who is no stranger yo-yo dieting. Once over 200 pounds and always looking for the next ‘magic pill,’ she found permanence in identifying, learning and applying the underlying principles now known as the Nuuaria Method®. 

Meet your instructor

RD, DAIS, Founder + President at Nuuaria 

Today I was meditating, and I thought of you and how far I have come in the last year and ½. Yesterday, I got on the scales and I was 200 lbs- Whoo-hoot! (Ken’s starting weight was 290 pounds.) In July of 1987 I got married for the first time and was 200 lbs, and until now that is the last time I have seen this weight. I like the new me and enjoy living my new life.  Please know that you and your company have made a huge difference in my life and for that I will always be grateful. -Ken 

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