The Key to Easy Permanent Weight Loss:

Hint it isn’t Controlling Your Behavior!

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Hello beautiful Nuuaria community. It’s Lori, Certified Nuuaria Method Trainer and Mentor here. Thank you for spending time with me! How are you? How are things going in your journey? I am curious if any of you have been putting into practice any of the tools that we have been sharing with you. I’d love to hear about it, how it’s going and if you need any help or support. Reach out and let me know.

As we always do, I want to spend a couple of minutes slowing us down. Last week we looked at a practice called a kinestetic anchor. This week, I want to share another tool which is great for those times when your thoughts are racing and you can’t seem to do anything to control them. It’s a situation that lots of us find ourselves in so it’s good to have a tool like this in your back pocket!

This tool is called rainbow colors. Just as you would imagine, it works with colors. In those moments when our thoughts are running away from us, we need something simple to slow us down so that we can step out of our thoughts and start to work with them. This tool simply asks us to focus on the colors of the rainbow. Remember the mnemonic ROY G BIV? Let’s go through at least the first three colors so that you can get a sense for how this exercise works. Look around and find all the things that you can see that are red. It’s a little like the Eye-Spy game huh? Now let’s look for orange. And now it’s yellow’s turn. As you can see, this tool is super simple. In those times when your thoughts are circling, you are probably feeling stressed and disconnected, you need something very simple. There are a lot of different ways you can do this exercise. You can close your eyes and imagine things that are the different colors. You can close your eyes and just imagine a giant ball of light that is the different colors. Maybe there is one color that feels particularly helpful or calming. You can just use that one. The next time your thoughts are circling or you’re having a hard time shifting away from certain thoughts, see if you can slow them or stop them using this technique.

Ok. On to today’s topic: The Key to Easy Permanent Weight Loss. Last week I talked to you about an all – important mindset shift that very commonly stands in the way of people’s weight loss success. That mindset shift was shifting out of the all-or-nothing way of approaching weight loss. I talked about how that mindset leads people to set themselves up in programs that are completely ineffective for them because they are unable to live restrictively. Their bodies and brains rebel in an effort to protect them.

This week I want to expand on that concept a bit and look a little deeper into how mindset in general plays into our ability to meet our weight loss or other health and wellness goals.

Usually people approach weight loss from the standpoint of just focusing on our behavior. We think eat this food, not that food, eat this many calories and do this workout and I will get results. How is that working for you??

This approach misses something very important and that something is the main principle we rely on at Nuuaria.

Here at Nuuaria, we understand that our thoughts create our emotions which create our behavior. Therefore, focusing on the end point (our behaviors) without looking at the thoughts and emotions that caused them will always lead to struggle rather than results.

When you are in a Nuuaria program, you are taught to work with your thoughts as a way to change your behavior rather than the other way around. When you change your thinking, your behavior changes automatically and EFFORTLESSLY.

For example, when you have the thought: “Weight loss is really hard for me, I was just meant to be heavy.” That thought creates an emotion (maybe despair or hopelessness) from that emotion stems your behavior. Maybe that looks like ordering the fries and hamburger because what’s the point anyway?

This is why all of our programs pair a comprehensive education in thought redirection as well as education in nutrition and habit building. You get to become a student of you. You develop an understanding of why you do what you do and have the opportunity to change the thinking that doesn’t serve you. It is the combination of these things that leads to real results.

Change your thinking and your behavior needs no control. It falls into alignment with your health and wellness goals without struggle or frustration. You and food become friends and all the important things in your life, like your relationships and what fulfills you gets to have your energy instead of the latest diet.

Let’s put a little bit of this into action for you. I’m going to share a little bit of the process with you and I want you to take it into your week and we will build on it in next week’s video. This is a sample of how the Nuuaria Method works and if you start to use it today, you can begin to make real changes for yourself.

We know that between 50-70,000 thoughts go through our minds on a daily basis. In fact, we are so bombarded with thoughts every minute that it would be nearly impossible for us to notice all of them. We don’t need to notice all of them anyway. What we want to notice are the ones that may be causing us to have less than desirable emotions such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, anger, discouragement, guilt, boredom etc.

When we experience these emotions, we know that there were some less than desirable thoughts that were in the background creating these emotions. These are the thoughts to take notice of and begin to work with.

The best way to go about this process is to set an alarm on your phone for 4 or so times a day and check in with yourself. How am I feeling. What are the thoughts that are behind that feeling? In order to access these thoughts, you want to do something called a brain dump. You literally let every thought that wants to come through come through and you write it down. Write quick and just let it flow. It doesn’t matter how irrational the thoughts are. These are the thoughts that we really want to get at, so just let them come.

Central to understanding how this process works is the understanding that you are not your thoughts and emotions. You experience thoughts and emotions but they are separate from you. When you step back and see that your thoughts are really just brain activity, you can start to see that you have control over them and you have the ability to create your desired reality by changing your thoughts.

I’m going to offer you guys some free coaching. Anybody who wants to can email me the results from one of their days. Of course, I would not share your name. It would be totally anonymous. Next week we will talk about those thoughts, we will find the thought patterns that might be present. These are things like perfectionism, circling, indecisiveness, there isn’t enough (time, money, love), procrastination, fear of criticism. It’s these thought patterns that just play in the background that cause us to behave in ways that we no longer want to whether that is eating too many sweets or eating large portions or whatever it is that is keeping you from your achieving weight loss.

Once you have identified some thoughts and thoughts patterns that are present for you, we can start to work with some of the tools and you’ll get a sense of how Nuuaria approaches thought change. If you are of the people who sends in your results, I can walk you through an understanding of how your thoughts are affecting your behavior and we can begin to change them.

I really hope at least a couple of you will take advantage of this opportunity. I think it will be totally fun and helpful to see how the process works for changing your thinking. So, just to clarify – If you are interested in getting a little free coaching, what you need to do is:

(1) In the next couple of days do some thought tracking. Set reminders or alarms on your phone to go off every 3 or 4 hours. At that time stop what you are doing and take a few deep breaths.

(2) Ask yourself what you have been feeling and then write down every thought that you can remember. This is called a brain dump and as the name implies it is your job to write down literally every single thing that you thought. The more irrational the better.

(3) Share the results with me by email- no later than Monday morning and I will use your thoughts to take us through a thought redirection process next Thursday on our video.

This will be totally fun. Once a person learns how to direct their thinking, there is literally nothing that stands in the way of them being able to create the life that they want and that includes easy, permanent weight loss.

As I mentioned, thought redirection is a big part of our programs here at Nuuaria. We are rolling out new programs and services to best respond to your needs. Just to mention a couple, we have our 24 week emotional eating program, and Nuuaria’s Jumpstart Weight Loss Program. This is a 6 week program geared toward getting you set up on a easy, sustainable plan for reaching your weight loss goals. Visit Nuuaria weight loss for more information or send me a note and I’d be happy to talk to you more about what you might be needing, even if that’s just some casual advice.

Remember, we are here for you and we love you.

The Key to Easy Permanent Weight Loss Part 2
Hello my beautiful Nuuaria friends! It’s Lori. Certified Nuuaria Method Trainer and mentor. Thank you for watching today’s video. I feel very blessed to get to spend time with you every week.

I’m really excited to get into today’s topic because it is the continuation of last week’s discussion about changing your thinking. As we discussed, Nuuaria is based on the understanding that our thoughts create our emotions which in turn create our behavior. This is why it is so difficult to make changes when we focus only on behavior. By changing our thinking, we are able to effortlessly change our behavior. When it comes to things like weight loss, this strategy is a total game changer. Changing your thinking is the key to easy permanent weight loss.

Before we start however, let’s do something to help us feel focused and centered. We’ve tried some great slowing down techniques in the last couple of weeks so for any of you who may have missed those videos, go back and watch just for the slowing down exercises alone. They are awesome. This week, let’s combine some of our past breathing techniques with a simple heart centered visualization. I’d like you to start by closing your eyes and slowing your breath. Begin to breathe as deeply as you can and release your breath as slowly as you can. Now I want you to imagine that breath flowing into your heart.

As you breath in, imagine bringing love and joy into your heart.

As you breathe out, imagine letting go of all of the stress and weariness that you do not need.

Breathe in love and joy.

Breathe out stress and weariness.

One last time.

When you are ready, open your eyes. How did that feel? I love heart centered breathing.

It is one of my favorite ways to slow down.

As we discussed last week, once you identify your thinking, you can begin to change it and thereby effortlessly change your behavior.

A very common thought that many people in our community struggle with is self-acceptance. When you want to lose weight, it is easy to feel negatively about your body and yourself. Therefore, for purposes of our discussion today, we will take the following thought to work with –

I’ve got to lose weight. My body is too fat and gross.

I hate to even say that thought out loud but the fact is lots of people have that very thought or one like it every day. Let’s use Nuuaria’s thought redirection tools to start to shift out of that kind of thinking and into a new, better feeling thought which will ultimately affect our behavior over time.

Today’s introduction to the Nuuaria thought redirection process is just that – an introduction. In the real program, we spend weeks on each of these steps and offer many tools and techniques for integrating them but I really believe that you can benefit even from this brief introduction if you put it into use in your own life.

I will briefly outline the process and then we can go a little deeper with the third and fourth steps since the first two steps were discussed in last week’s video.

Develop awareness about your current thoughts. We talked about that last week so go back and watch that video if you have not already seen it. Remember, we have between 50 and 70,000 thoughts run through our mind each day. We can’t possibly pay attention to all of them, so we focus on the ones that are causing us to experience less than desirable emotions.
Use a thought stopping technique when necessary to slow and stop the thoughts from circling so that you can begin to work with them. We discussed the Rainbow Colors technique as a way to slow or stop thoughts in last week’s videos as well.
Use a thought redirection technique in order to bring in the new thought you are wanting to connect to.
Anchor in your new thought through repetition, evidence journaling and anchoring in with a strong emotion.
Let’s look at the third step – Using a thought redirection technique-

Use a thought redirection technique in order to create a new thought that you want to believe. There are several techniques for doing this. Today I will mention one. It is Stepping Stone Thoughts – Here is how to use stepping stone thoughts: when you are developing your new thoughts, it’s important that you not try to go from a crummy thought – “I hate my body” to an over-the-top blissed out thought – “I have the best body ever and I don’t want to change a thing.”

If a thought is not believable to your brain, it will reject it and it will not be a viable option for your brain to chose in the future. This is why positive thinking alone is not often the solution to negative thoughts.

Using stepping stones in your development of new thoughts is the best way to make progress. Rather than shooting for radical self-love on day one, maybe shooting for self-respect is a better goal. Try some of these on as your stepping stone thoughts –

There are things about my body that I would like to change but it doesn’t make me less worthy or lovable as a person. I am on a good path toward health and wellness and I am excited about the process so far.


My life is a beautiful dance of hopes and struggles. As I open myself up to respecting and loving myself more, I know that my struggles will become lighter. I am working on loving myself more as a way to achieve the other things that I want.

Step four of the thought redirection process is to anchor in your new thought with an anchoring technique. One of the anchoring techniques that we use is simple repetition. Take your new thought and start working with it. Write it out and start your day by reading it a couple of times. Put it as a reminder on your phone and connect with it several times during the day. Your old was of thinking is just a result of entertaining those thoughts and your new way of thinking will be developed by doing the same.

I know, this work can be challenging but keep committed to it. Keep showing up. When you are having those bad days with your body, don’t just sink into those thoughts and let them run rampant. Dig into them. Recognize them and remember what you have learned about how to expand your thinking. You can meet this thought with-

“Oh, I see I am having negative thoughts about my body. These thoughts have been around for a long time and they will still show up for me from time to time but I have chosen to have a broader view of my life. I am choosing to at least want to love my body. Therefore, I will remind myself that I can chose a different thought. I can choose to love myself or at least respect myself and my body today. I can choose to be a person who speaks kindly to myself.”

Apply these four elements of the Nuuaria method to a thought that you want to change with respect to your body or anything else and start to change the way you view yourself.

To review:

Step (1) Become aware of your thought.

Step (2) If you can’t stop your thought long enough to work with it, use the Rainbow Colors Technique to slow down, get out of your thoughts and into the moment.

Step (3) Use stepping stone thoughts to create the new thought that you want to embrace.

Step (4) Anchor in that new thought through repetition.

As I mentioned, this tool can be used to help you shift out of any thoughts that are not serving you. When you shift out of thoughts that don’t serve you and into thoughts that are aligned with the person you want to become, you start behaving like the person you want to become and at that point, you start to change in ways that feel effortless. So, what thoughts do you want to work on? Write them down and start working with them. Be consistent and watch what happens.

Remember, we are here to support you in whatever way you need. Reach out and let us know how we can help you.

I am super excited about some of our new programs that we are rolling out. We have a Wellness Journey Health Coaching program that can turn your health around in a matter of weeks. We also have our Emotional Eating transformative program that helps people heal their relationship with food and body to return to their natural and healthy state. There is also our 6 week Jumpstart Program aimed at helping people who really want to get set up on sustainable, effective plan for weight loss through mindset shifts and habit building. We also have our stress course. Whatever your struggle is, we are able to help.

Send us your questions or your suggestions for future videos. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remember, we are here for you and we love you.

The Key to Easy Permanent Weight Loss

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Oct 21, 2020