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Why we’re different:

While everyone has a different definition of stress and anxiety, at Nuuaria, we define it as: the habitual emotional product of habitual thought. Therefore, when you change how you think, you can change how you feel. At Nuuaria, we give you the tools to think differently, and support to integrate those tools into your real life, the result is stress + anxiety reduction.
Habits of thinking that commonly produce anxiety: overthinking, catastrophic thinking, perfectionism, indecisiveness, all-or-nothing thinking, obsessive thinking, trying to control things we can’t control, and storytelling.

"Nuuaria one of the best I’ve ever engaged in for stress reduction.”

 - Willian Heckman, Executive Director at the American Institute of Stress 

Barbara Wiggin,

Where you are now:

This program is for anyone with habitual anxiety that comes from catastrophic thinking.

Catastrophic thinking is defined as thinking or ruminating about irrational or worst case scenarios.

Whether you experience anxiety attacks or general anxiety, you'd like additional tools to help reduce this debilitating emotion.

What you can expect to accomplish

A sense of control over your anxiety. Clarity about what anxiety really is and how to reduce it by controlling the source: catastrophic thinking.

You are the director, not the directed. You are the master, not the servant. Habitual anxiety is a symptom of habitual thought. There’s an untrained puppy upstairs chewing up your house, your shoes and your underwear. The brain is a powerful tool. Learning how and when to use it will put you on the path to habitual peace, contentment and calm. 


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Using the Nuuaria Stress and Mediation course, Maya and her staff have guided me to a better state of mind. Stress is a part of life but learning that I have a choice in how I think about it has made all the difference. Nuuaria has given me knowledge and tools to change old thought patterns. As a result I have been able to tap back into my creativity and I have been able to enjoy being me! I have learned that I don’t have to settle for the way my brain processes information on it’s own- but I can use the tools to improve my quality of life. I know this is not just a short term fix but something I can use for the rest of my life. A special thanks to Barbara for her mentoring support - her humor and down to earth style were just what I needed in a support person. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience a path to calmness. Thank you

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Explore the program inclusions + investment options:

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