Stress Reduction Program


What is it?

Nuuaria’s stress reduction program uses the latest research in neuroscience, meditation and behavior change, to teach you the key mindset shifts and habit building process that makes stress elimination a reality. 

"Nuuaria one of the best I’ve ever engaged in for stress reduction.”

 - Willian Heckman, Executive Director at the American Institute of Stress 

Barbara Wiggin,

Who's it for?

You are the director, not the directed. 
You are the master, not the servant. Habitual stress is a symptom of habitual thought. There’s an untrained puppy upstairs chewing up your house, your shoes and your underwear. The brain is a powerful tool. Learning how and when to use it will put you on the path to stress elimination.  
This program is for anyone with habitual stress in their life.  


What You'll Learn:

Learn where habitual stress actually comes from and how habitual stress effects the body 

Learn how to change your thought habits – not through rational or positive thinking, rather – through the latest research in neuroscience and Nuuaria’s Thought Redirection process to create peace, contentment and calm in your life 

Learn and practice various types of meditation to find one that works for your lifestyle and goals 


What you can expect to accomplish

Habitual peace + contentment.

Program Inclusions

Six Calls with Your Nuuaria Method® Mentor – your peers who have been in your shoes and thought your thoughts – to help guide you, hold you accountable, support you and most importantly, encourage the integration of the knowledge you're learning along the way.  

Six Integration Homeworks – knowledge means nothing without integration. It's like that book title we love,‘How-to’s really worked, we’d all be skinny rich and happy.’ 

The Nuuaria Method® Stress and Meditation Online Training Curriculum. You’ll get access to our online video-based curriculum of courses that drive your education with nuuaria. 

Online Support Group dedicated to their stress reduction too. 


program modules + lessons

Stress 101

• Welcome 
• The Nervous System & Your       Body During Stress 
• Where Does Your Stress Really Come From? 
• How The Brain Works 
• Stress Elimination 

stress 101

Module 1

• What Meditation Is 
• What Science Can Tell Us About Meditation 
• Common Types of Focused Attention Meditation 
• How To Practice Meditation 
• Meditating with a Beginner’s Mind 
• Meditation Tools & Resources To Get You Started 
• How to Create a Habit of Meditation 


Module 3

• Mindfulness & Open Monitoring Meditation 
• Thinking without Judging 
• Thinking in the Here & Now 
• Thinking without Suffering 

In The Moment Management Part 1 

Module 2

Module 4

• How The Brain Works In The Moment 
• Thought Redirection Step One 
• Thought Redirection Step Two 
• Thought Redirection Step Three 
• The Emotional Guidance Scale & Nuuaria’s
Evidence Journaling Tools 
• Intro to Emotional Habits, Goals & Addictions 
• Putting All Your Tools Together 

In The Moment Management Part 2

Module 5

• Evidence-Based Dietary & Healthy Living Recommendations 

Correcting the Body's Habitual Response to Prolonged Stress  

Module 6

• What Drives Habitual Thought Causing Stress 
• The Power of Decision 
• The Power of Perception 

Final Lessons

• Stress webinars and managing COVID-19 specific stressors 


Module 7

Accredited by the American Institute of Stress

Maya Nahra

Maya is the founder of Nuuaria, creator of the Nuuaria Method® and Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress who is no stranger to the ill-effects stress can have on the body. Once ridden with anxiety, depression, frustration and overwhelm herself – even on medication at times – she found her way through neuroscience and meditation. 

Meet your instructor

RD, DAIS, Founder + President at Nuuaria 

Nuuaria came into my path at just the right time. I was open and ready to invite a new method of understanding how to reduce stress.
 It is easy to come into something new with presumptions that cause doubt or uncertainty. That's why being open is key. The added layer of neuroscience research behind this course was what helped stimulate my engagement to start. Then, as we navigated the modules to identify our thinking habits and feeling responses, I was able to use that as a focus for my meditation. The thoughts I had that weren't serving me stemmed from perfectionism and that created doubt, fear, and conviction. Those dragged me down because of how it began to label my identity which wasn't something I was proud of. For it to change, I had to choose change. I had to set new routines of healing and look for the evidence to support my new formed thoughts that were in fact serving me better. Pulling up my boots and overall straps, I took all the support I could in this program including the one to one mentorship. The mentorship match was right on and it allowed me the personal platform I needed to feel validated and accountable in applying the Nuuaria method to my situation. Yes, it takes work to change. Yes, if you do the work, you will find that your stress can be reduced. And finally, you will learn that all long you had the answers within your very own precious heart! -Jessica Dodge 

Jessica's Story



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