Robin’s Wellness Journey: How I went from Sluggish to Full of Energy

by Health Coach & Mentor, Robin Howell

Robin’s Wellness Journey: How I went from Sluggish to Full of Energy

I have been overweight most of my life.  I would go on a diet, lose, and regain.

I believed I did not deserve to take care of myself.  I believed I was not worthy.  I thought I needed to be a good mom and take care of my family and there was not time for me.

I felt stressed, pressured, depressed and even guilty.  My physical habits were to eat, and eat more. It was common to satisfy myself with large portions and junk food!

I had no idea how my body was supposed to feel.  I thought my joints hurting, digestive issues, sugar out of control, stress headaches, being tired was all normal. I didn’t have the energy to take care of myself yet alone be physically active.

I repeated the cycle of going on a diet, losing weight, maybe joining a gym, gaining weight back and repeat.

I was in denial when my doctor told me my sugar was high, that I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure.  I couldn’t believe the news and refused to take the medicine because I thought I could fix it myself. Instead, I decided to take “natural” supplements, use essential oils, and other natural remedies. I found myself still tired, stressed, hurting and had no energy.

I joined a gym 4 years ago where I started to find some support.  Yes! I did loose weight and my stress was reduced with working out, but I still felt like I was missing something.  I knew there was still something missing and I didn’t feel right because my body would hurt, and my sugar was still out of control.

I decided it was time to invest in myself when I discovered Nuuaria and found the support I needed.  I finally felt energized and felt the way I was wanting for so many years.  I discovered that food can work for me instead of against me.  Nuuaria was always there to believe in me, even on days that I didn’t believe in myself.  I started taking small steps to form new habits, not just physical habits but how to think, how to believe, how to feel!  I improved one step at a time.

At the begging of my journey I believed I didn’t deserve these changes. Now I believe that I’M WORTHY, and it makes me feel unstoppable!

I used to think that I didn’t have time for myself bcause it would cut into “being a good mom time”. Now I believe that I can take time for myself and still be a great mom.

I used to feel stressed, depressed, and guilty. Now I feel optimistic and joyful!

I used to eating food that hurt me because it was causing high blood sugar and inflammation. Now I eat to give it the correct fuel and for my body to thrive!!!

I used to have no energy and now I have so much energy that I go crazy when I can’t move!!!

Am I perfect?  No!  Do I still need to lose weight? Yes!  But my life is no longer on hold until everything is “perfect!”  Do I feel good? Yes!  Do I have energy? Yes!

Everyone deserves to feel good!  I’m eager to share with you how to implement the healthy habits in your life!  It is not normal to have your body hurt, to feel unworthy, to be tired all the time.  I will support you and believe in you.  You are worth the investment in yourself!

Please e-mail me at for a grocery list of foods I shop for and quick and easy ideas of what you can do with that food once you get it home!

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Robin Howell

Nuuaria Health Coach & Mentor

My getaway places are the ocean (beach) and waterfalls! I’m originally from Oregon and find peace with flowing bodies of water and green trees. I’ve lived in the desert for over 30 years and also see the beauty in cactus and rocky mountains. I enjoy hiking in all locations, planting flowers and in general love nature. Family is also important to me and brings me joy. I joined a gym (again) a few years ago and started getting fit with water aerobics. I recently became an aqua instructor and teach a Silver Sneakers Splash class as well as a Water Fit class.

My life has taken me on quite a journey and I’ve traveled different paths. I’ve worked in a stockbroker’s office, been in customer service at a bank, and for over 20 years been a preschool teacher. My most rewarding job has been raising my children who are now successful adults.

My paths have not all been healthy. I’ve been stressed, overweight and lacked confidence and feared of failing whenever I joined another program. I thought I was going to have to accept my life as it was.

Thinking it was a last resort I joined another gym. I met inspiring people who encouraged me. I started getting physically healthier with activity. I slowly started to eat healthier but it was still a struggle as I used food as a coping mechanism for the stress and demands in my life. The Nuuaria program has helped me as I discovered weight loss is more than calories in and calories out. I’ve become healthier in my behavior and thoughts. I find more joy in life as I continue on my wellness journey.

I’ve learned it is never too late in life to change and learn. I’m obtaining my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certificate with AFPA Health, Nutrition and Fitness. My goal is to live my life inspiring and helping others to enjoy life and being healthy. I look forward to helping you in your wellness journey.

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