What is it?

Purpose is a level two Nuuaria program that helps you to align with your authentic self to create a life of deep meaning.

When you remove all the layers of who you’ve been told to be 

– by your parents, by institutions, by your religion, 

by society, and even by yourself – Who are you really? 

Who's it for?

Those who feel that there is more to life than what they are experiencing right now. They have a sense that they were meant to do something else with their lives. 

Those who feel life is running them/that they are victims of circumstance 

Those who want to make a difference in the world 

Feel like they are living their lives inauthentically  

Those who have a deep knowing that there's actually more to life than what they've experienced up until now. They dream of creating greater abundance in your life, closer more loving relationships, greater happiness, vibrant health, adventure, and fulfillment. But, feel stuck in their current circumstances and aren’t not sure how to turn your dreams into reality. 

Those who want to live a life they love, a life of meaning and purpose.   

What You'll Learn:

How to discover and live connected to the wisest and truest version of yourself – your authentic self. This self is full of joy and excitement. This is the part of you that has clarity about what you want out of life.  

How to use Nuuaria’s five step habit building formula to create the space, time and energy for the things that are important to you.  

How to build a bridge between your thinking mind and your true self by using the latest understandings of neuroscience. 

The exact formula you can use to create a life that you love living

Program Inclusions:

12 modules of education brought to you through audio/videos. These can be watched over and over. The material covered will instruct you how to recognize the voice of your authentic self; understand what it is that you truly wish to create; and take you through the proven formula for how to make your new life a reality.  

Bi-weekly sessions with one of Nuuaria’s trained mentors. This person has been in your shoes and will help guide you in your journey. They can help you see your blind spots and will be a source of accountability and loving support. While you’re the expert on you, we all need a little help to see what may be blocking us from where we want to go. Your mentor can be that for you.  

Carefully crafted assignments and practices that allow you to fully integrate the material in a way that actually brings about the changes that you want to create in your life. The work you do on the assignments and practices has the power to return you to a place of wholeness and from there, nothing is out of your reach.  

Lifetime access to an exclusive on-line community providing you with connection to members of the Nuuaria team and others who are on a similar journey toward connection and growth.  

Three guided meditations designed specifically for people who are ready to connect to their authentic self and start creating their life of deep meaning and purpose. 

Weekly emails to help you stay on track.

program modules + lessons

Program overview: getting connected to your authentic self, getting clear on your goals, breaking them down, taking inspired action, course correct, stay open and trust + Getting still, the Nuuaria Alignment Exercise, your authentic self and your civic self


Building a bridge between your thinking mind and your authentic self part one, why is thinking so important and how it can be changed, the kind of thinking that keeps you stuck, Nuuaria’s thought redirection process and the neuroscience of real change, becoming aware of your thoughts, recognizing patterns + slowing the thoughts that don’t serve you.  


Building a bridge between your thinking mind and your authentic self part two + the emotional guidance scale and evidence journaling


Building a bridge between your thinking mind and your authentic self part three, believing in what's possible, naming and examining the mental states of being that allow you into the creation process + how would my life be different with new ways of thinking


limited belief part one, background on how they work, dropping what society tamed you to be, typical limiting belief patterns + examining yours and exercises to ‘unbelieve’ your limited beliefs. 


Limited beliefs part two, discovering your limited beliefs + exercises to ‘unbelieve’ your limited beliefs.


Self sabotage, emotional baggage, working with sabotaging thoughts, emotional wounds recognizing resistance + rewriting your story and creating your perfect day 


Maximizing relationships, looking at your own relationships, minimizing unsupportive ones, establishing a fan club, people pleasing, standing on your own + exercises in following your authentic self’s relationships


The Creation Process, the human need for purpose, emotions as guidance, clarity, expectations + finding joy  


Taking care of all the parts of you including sleep, food, exercise and joy + self-care practices, research and organization.  


Taking inspired action, redefining priorities, courage, recess and choice + exercises in each 



Redefining failure, self-worth, accepting change, everything as new, intuition, openness and how this work serves the world + taking inspired action, chaos, uncertainty, gratitude, and small win celebrations  


"My mentor, Lori Montry, has been a phenomenal coach. Even though I wasn’t able to apply the skills in the classroom due to COVID-19 she helped me use strategies to prepare for the future. She is quite helpful and I appreciate her hard work! Thanks! "

Lori Montry

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University and a law degree from Harvard Law School. After raising a family, she began studying the principles underlying the Nuuaria Method® to break free from a multitude of food, body issues and struggles. Through a personal process of healing, growth and reconnection with herself, she changed her thinking and her life and became both a Nuuaria mentor and Nuuaria Method® certified trainer.  

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