There are many forms of mindfulness and meditation. Open eye meditation is a great place to start. The whole goal is to direct your attention to the present moment. Jacquelyn, Director of Enterprise Development at Nuuaria, walks you through the practice.

Practice Open Eye Meditation

Find a comfortable sitting position in a pleasant location.
Focus on your breathing and take 4-5 deep belly breaths.
Take a few moments and deep breaths while focusing on your senses one at a time.
Do a body scan. Starting at your toes and working up your body to the top of your head. Release any tension you are experiencing.
Take a few additional deep breathes to end the practice.

Open Eye Mindfulness Guided Practice with Jacquelyn

Mental Wellbeing, Mindfulness + Meditation

april 4th, 2020
AUTHOR, Jacquelyn Ikonomov, CHES