After you change your life, it’s common to feel the strong desire to help others do the same. 

Nuuaria’s Mentor Program is the career path to do so. It is Level Three Nuuaria Method® where you are challenged to continuously improve yourself by giving back to others.  

Successfully complete two, Nuuaria Level One program trainings. (For example, weight loss and stress reduction.) 

The questionnaire

Complete the trainings

Schedule a date and time to take the Nuuuaria Level Three Exam. (Don’t worry, we will tell you what to study up on!) 

Schedule the exam

Successfully complete two mentees for each of those programs. 

Lead the way

The steps to become a Nuuaria Mentor :

Complete the prescreening questionnaire.  





Is there a Cost?  

There is a cost to sit for the Level Three Exam of $1500. If you do not pass the exam, each subsequent exam is $500. You must also wait 30 days to reschedule the exam. There are no refunds. 

Do I get Paid as a Nuuaria Mentor?

Yes. Pay starts at $40 an hour and increases based upon number of mentees you take on and years of experience as a mentor. You may take on as few or as little hours as you’d like. 

Not sure where to start?

take the assessment + FIND OUT WHICH PROGRAM FITS BEST FOR YOU personal or wellness goals

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