Stress & Your Health, with Founder Maya Nahra, RD

About Nuuaria

In a world fatter, sick and unhappier than ever before, with more knowledge on the internet than ever before, Nuuaria Health & Wellness teaches people that how they THINK about their health is more important than what they do. They teach the stressed out, all-or-nothing thinkers, overthinkers, catastrophic thinkers ridden with overwhelm, busy being busy and letting life pass them by, how to THINK differently to change their health (and their life).

Nuuaria is a health and wellness company established in 2012. They teach people how to think differently to change their ill health through the Nuuaria Method®, an evidence-based formula combines modern day brain science with psychology and medical nutrition therapy to change habits of thought, emotion and physical behavior creating permanent and lasting change.

Nuuaria’s current programming includes weight loss, diabetes, stress and anxiety. Their public and enterprise programs return an average 6.5% weight loss – exceeding the 3-4% average touted by more popular programs today – with a proven RIO of $1 to $3.67 back in eliminated medications and reduced metabolic risk factors while increasing satisfaction of life on average of 93.5%. 

Their vision is a world where bodies match minds, is a world that is healthy, happy and whole; where innovation, sharing and compassion flourish. They believe a change within the individual will result in the global changes necessary for a sustainable future.

Nuuaria was founded in 2012 by registered dietitian, Maya Nahra, in Phoenix, Arizona who was in search of a better way to reclaim her health and life and discovered a proven system that creates permanent lasting change despite circumstance and habit.

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