Gratitude with Robin

by Health Coach & Mentor, Robin Howell

Gratitude with Mentor & Health Coach Robin

Gratitude is a noun and Webster’s dictionary defines it as “the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”  By being grateful and showing gratitude you can distract yourself from worries and upsets.  Stress, worries and other less-than-desirable emotions are habits that can be changed and replaced with good-feeling thoughts and emotions such as relax, peaceful, positive and joy.  Gratitude pulls you out of your negative mindset.  When expressing gratitude you’re thinking of a more positive target.  YOU FEEL BETTER, LESS STRESS!

Think of how you feel when someone expresses appreciation about YOU.  Often times, even though you might brush it off, you feel good about it.  Your happy that you were able to do something for someone else.  Your positive sense of self is enhanced which reduces the level of negative, self-downing thinking.  Reduces stress.

How do you feel when YOU express gratitude to others.  Often you feel better about yourself because you’re recognizing and emotionally giving to others.  Your stress is reduced.

Questions to ask yourself to be grateful for:

  • What was the best part of your day?  (make it a family ritual)
  • Who are your grateful for?
  • What around you are you grateful for?
  • Who helped you today?
  • What did you do today that you enjoyed?
  • What lesson is this experience teaching me?
  • Can I find ways to be thankful for what’s happening to me now even though I was not at the time it started happening?
  • Use your 5 senses?  What do you see?  hear?  feel?  smell?  taste? that you are grateful for?

William James said “the greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

Choose thankful thinking!  Think of it like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes and the easier it will be to  consistently put into action.  Become aware of what you are thankful for!

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Robin Howell

Nuuaria Health Coach & Mentor

My getaway places are the ocean (beach) and waterfalls! I’m originally from Oregon and find peace with flowing bodies of water and green trees. I’ve lived in the desert for over 30 years and also see the beauty in cactus and rocky mountains. I enjoy hiking in all locations, planting flowers and in general love nature. Family is also important to me and brings me joy. I joined a gym (again) a few years ago and started getting fit with water aerobics. I recently became an aqua instructor and teach a Silver Sneakers Splash class as well as a Water Fit class.

My life has taken me on quite a journey and I’ve traveled different paths. I’ve worked in a stockbroker’s office, been in customer service at a bank, and for over 20 years been a preschool teacher. My most rewarding job has been raising my children who are now successful adults.

My paths have not all been healthy. I’ve been stressed, overweight and lacked confidence and feared of failing whenever I joined another program. I thought I was going to have to accept my life as it was.

Thinking it was a last resort I joined another gym. I met inspiring people who encouraged me. I started getting physically healthier with activity. I slowly started to eat healthier but it was still a struggle as I used food as a coping mechanism for the stress and demands in my life. The Nuuaria program has helped me as I discovered weight loss is more than calories in and calories out. I’ve become healthier in my behavior and thoughts. I find more joy in life as I continue on my wellness journey.

I’ve learned it is never too late in life to change and learn. I’m obtaining my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certificate with AFPA Health, Nutrition and Fitness. My goal is to live my life inspiring and helping others to enjoy life and being healthy. I look forward to helping you in your wellness journey.

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