Full Body Stretch with Katerina

by Health Coach Katerina Diaz

Full Body Stretch with Katerina

Head and Neck Stretches

  • Look Up & Down
  • Look Side to Side
  • Ear to Shoulder Side to Side
  • Neck Rolls
  • Ear to Shoulder Hold with Soft Pull, both sides

Shoulders and Arms Stretches

  • Shoulders Up & Down
  • Roll Shoulders Back & Around
  • Roll Shoulders Forward & Around
  • Shoulder Stretch-across your body X both arms
  • Shoulder Stretch-pat your back and pull with other arm X both arms


  • Fist Circles
  • Wrist Up & Down
  • Open & Close Fingers
  • Interlace Fingers and Palms Facing Out


  • Forward Fold
  • Hinge Forward One Leg at a Time
  • Butterfly Stretch
  • Bend Left Leg and bring Right Leg on top in the shape of a 4-then switch the legs
  • Left Leg Forward, Right Leg Bend over top and twist back-then switch sides


  • Toes Up & Down
  • Ankle Circles

Child Pose

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Katerina Diaz, B.S.

Health Coach

Food, love, and laughter are my three favorite things in this world. I believe everyone deserves to enjoy this life we have been given and to live it well. Daily I am learning that healthy living can be simple and doable.

I played volleyball in college and thought I had my health together because I was an athlete. Once I stopped playing, I lost all motivation to exercise and take care of my body. The unhealthy habits I had formed caught up to me and I became unhappy with my appearance. When I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I started learning more about food and its effect on the body. I loved learning about food and health so much I switched majors from education to nutrition.

I received a B.S. in Dietetics from Arizona State University, and I love how my life had changed since my volleyball career ended. I now cook more nutritious meals at home and find ways to exercise that are fun and enjoyable. I stopped weighing myself and started paying attention to how I feel each day.

My goal is to come alongside you and encourage you to be the best you can possibly be. I believe in you.

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