nuuaria for emotional eaters

What is it?

FREE YOURSELF – from negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors – by confidently learning how to trust, honor and work with your body to return to your natural and healthy state of being. 

Who's it for?

If you are a person who is frustrated and tired of the shame and despair that comes with emotional eating, know there is a real solution. You probably already know there's no magic pill, no sacred dance, nothing I could tell you that is going to end your struggle with emotional eating... but I do know what will.  




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The keys to ending your struggle are knowledge, integration, support, accountability... and love. 

I've been there too... turning to food when you're angry, sad, bored, lonely, worried, upset, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed. 
Eating very little in front of people but indulging when you're by yourself or hiding food and eating in secret. 

Making promises to avoid certain foods or “being good” with food only to break those promises again and again.  
This is a journey, not a race. Any program that tells you that you can overcome emotional eating in three simple steps or in some insignificant amount of time, doesn’t really understand emotional eating. Maybe you have tried one of those programs already.
This is most definitely not one of those programs. 

-Lori Montry, Creator of FREEDOM & Certified Nuuaria Method® Trainer 

What you'll Learn

Clarity + Tools for Change + How to Use them  

Believe it or not, there is a very good reason why you do what you do with food and Nuuaria has developed a program that is tailored to helping you understand what these reasons are so that you can develop the tools and strategies to end your emotional overeating and find freedom with food.    


The program is specially designed with more frequent, in-depth support, specific assignments and practices intended to help those experiencing challenges with emotional eating understand why they do what they do and heal from the shame, stress and frustration of emotional eating. 


Here's what real freedom from emotional eating looks like 

You can UNDERSTAND what and why you do what you do with food. 

You have emotional resilience and the TOOLS and STRATEGIES for feeling and processing your emotions and life circumstances in a way that does not involve food. 

You are comfortable around food. You eat for enjoyment, fuel and health. 

You FEEL comfortable with your body. 

You RECOGNIZE your gifts and share them freely with the world in a way that brings you,
and those around you, tremendous joy. 

You are FREE. 




Access to the Nuuaria Weight Loss curriculum which includes three full courses, allowing you to dive deep into the world of habit and behavior change. 

Weekly e-mails to help you stay on track and remind you of helpful mindset shifts. 

A weekly individualized action plan with individualized nutrition guidance aimed at helping you satisfy cravings and optimize your health. 

Access to an exclusive online group for others that have signed up to face their challenges and support one another. This group includes a dedicated mentor that will offer support on a regular basis. 

A highly specialized and individualized curriculum just for those being challenged by emotional eating. (See below for your weekly breakdown.

24 Weekly one-on-one calls with a mentor who deals specifically with emotional eating. Your mentor will help you see blind spots and will love and support you on your healing journey. 

program modules + lessons

During each week you will listen to (1) an education session in your online curriculum, engage in (2) a phone call with your mentor, establish (3) a personalized loving practice and (4) food goal and (5) leave with a structured assignment to be completed before your next mentor session. 

FREEDOM is broken down into twenty-four weeks
with five key components each week.  

Week 1 – The big picture overview, exploring your new relationship with food + writing your new food story 

Week 2 – Leaving the past meditation, explore important program elements, establish a morning routine, create steppingstone goals with food + look at your inconsistencies  

Week 3 – Exploring your readiness to change, look at your timing and progress beliefs + cultivating patience and identifying your triggers as habits 

Week 4 – Learning the science of real habit change 

Week 5 - Application of habit change with your triggers, legalizing and making peace with food + looking at your restriction practices 

Week 6 – Beginning a detox + identifying potentially challenging situations  

Week 7 - Meal planning + Creating support structures for your detox phase 

Week 8 – Emotional Eating part one, getting familiar with your emotional eating patterns + identifying your emotions 

Week 9 – Emotional eating part two, expressing emotions, slowing down with food, participating in your eating experience + identifying your relationship with emotions and expressing yourself through communication 

Week 10 – Emotional Eating part three, celebrating your triggers, specific reasons for eating, the metaphor of food + understanding the connection and what you are feeling and needing + what is your soul calling for and what are your excuses 

Week 11 – Specific eating situations, the two-minute pause + supporting structures for specific eating situations 

Week 12 - How to Think part one, using neuroscience to change how you think + thought awareness journal 

Week 13 - How to Think part two, meaningful breaks + interrupting thought practices 

Week 14 - How to Think part three, meaningful breaks + evidence journaling and the emotional guidance scale 

Week 15 – How to Feel part one, Meditation + noticing when you are hungry and satisfied 

Week 16 - How to Feel part two, establishing a two to five-minute meditation practice + velcro thoughts 

Week 17 - Techniques for processing emotions + trying on new processing techniques  

Week 18 - Limited Belief part one, learning how to unbelieve your limited beliefs + identifying your limited beliefs 

Week 19 - Limited belief part two + looking for patterns and searching for childhood beliefs 

Week 20 - limited beliefs part three + three sticky limited beliefs 

Week 21 - Self-love part one, movement and connection with the body + tapping into body wisdom 

Week 22 - Self-love part two + letter to and from your body + self-love stickies 

Week 23 - Self-love part three + How are you showing up for you? Treating yourself as the worthy person you are 

Week 24 - Moving forward, summary of the process, how you can make it work for any area you want + Where do you want to make transformation happen in your life? And what is your plan for making it happen?  

Lori Montry

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University and a law degree from Harvard Law School. After raising a family, she began studying the principles underlying the Nuuaria Method® to break free from a multitude of food, body issues and struggles. Through a personal process of healing, growth and reconnection with herself, she changed her thinking and her life and became both a Nuuaria mentor and Nuuaria Method® certified trainer.  

Meet your instructor

Nuuaria Method® Certified Trainer 

When I signed up for the Freedom Program I had tried so many things to lose weight. I felt very insecure and felt alone. The program has helped me to work through my overeating and has helped me to not think about food constantly. Lori provided the guidance tailored for me and gave me tools to learn how to change my behaviors. The weekly phone calls was the motivation and encouragement I needed to get my brain back on track, because I would always see the bad things I was doing and Lori focused on all the good things that I just couldn’t see myself. I feel deep gratitude! I have lost 22 pounds and feel so much better and have hope for the future! -Patti 

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