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habit change-focused, relevant topics, done-for-you marketing materials, all in a live monthly webinar format with office integration challenges AND every employee gets access to Nuuaria's Stress & Meditation online training.
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The Nuuaria Difference:

Everyone knows what to do and know one's doing it. Why? Thinking is the cause. Behavior is only the symptom. Behavior change, therefore, is only symptom treatment. We teach your employees how to think differently.

Nuuaria’s Wellness @ Work Live Webinar Topics Cover the Following 8 Areas

1. PHYSICAL: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep & Medical Conditions

2. EMOTIONAL: Stress, Anxiety, Frustration, Overwhelm, Depression, Meditation, Emotional Habits & Emotional Awareness

3. SOCIAL: Relationships & Communication

4. INTELLECTUAL: Creative, Problem-solving & Habits of Thought

5. SPIRITUAL: Awareness, Present Moment Living, Reflection, Relationship with Self

6. ENVIRONMENTAL: Recycling, Conservation & Removing Plastics

7. OCCUPATIONAL: Finding the Pleasure and Excitement in Tasks, Goal Achievement, Problem solving and creation, learning, interactions & in what you’re good at

8. FINANCIAL: Earning, Spending, Saving & Investing

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The Nuuaria Weight Loss Program

group of 5 minimum
$200/month per person
  • The Nuuaria Method® Online Training Curriculum Including: How to Change a Habit, How to Think, How to Feel, Masterclasses and Continuing Education
  • 3-Phase Dietary Weight Loss Plan
  • Six Sessions, Once-Monthly with Your Nuuaria Health Coach
  • Support Calls (+Text Support) from Your Nuuaria Method® Mentor
  • Downloadable 60+ Page Nuuaria Method® Workbook
  • The employee can add a personalized Dietary Weight Loss Plan with Genetic Nutrition Testing for $449 to cover the test costs. 

Questions? We love questions. Let’s schedule time together or call (480) 481-6697 or Toll-Free (855) 800-3238

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Nuuaria specializes in various workplace training topics – such as Stress & Meditation – with a thought habit change focus. Call us to book.


Lose weight by changing how you think. A revolutionary weight loss program with better results: 6.48% average percent weight loss (popular weight loss programs today tout 4-5% within the first year; Invest $1 in and we’ll give you $3.67 back from an 85% reduction to elimination of Metabolic Risk Factors and reduction in filled scripts/ medications (anxiety, heart/ inflammation), a combined $5,000 savings per employee per year. 


Whether you’re ready for real change within your organization or brand new to wellnesswe have you covered.

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