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What is the Decompress Challenge?

Nutrition and ‘your right diet’ is only confusing when you aren’t yet able to listen to your body’s own needs. (This happens because of chronic stress, busy lifestyles, overthinking and yo-yo dieting.)

After fourteen years of coaching, the decompress dietary guidelines aren’t just the formula for weight loss, decreasing bloat, better sleep, more energy, clear skin, improved digestion, cholesterol, and blood sugar, it’s the formula to help you clean up your diet so you can start listening to your own body’s needs.

Decompress is a 30-day dietary change that eliminates potential inflammatory foods such as white sugar and foods that can disrupt proper gut function such as beans and diary. During your 30-days, we’ll give you the full plan and offer support and guidance within the Nuuaria community. After the 30-days, we’ll teach you how to reintroduce foods while listening to your body’s own feedback. This is the path to permanence.

It’s one hundred percent normal to have been here before. We have created this challenge to help you start again in a whole new way. The dates are below. The moment you say yes and join us, you’ll gain access to the full decompress plan and are welcome to start as soon as you’d like. Scroll down to learn about additional challenge inclusions. -Maya

What Is Included

  • The Decompress Dietary How-To Plan with ‘Allowed’ and ‘Not Allowed’ List PLUS an Easy To Follow Meal Plan

  • Six On-Demand, Recorded Health Coaching Sessions: Kickoff and Next Steps with Maya, Eating out, meal planning, hunger scale, snack ideas and more with our health coaches

  • Three BONUS Webinars with Maya: (1) What is Gut Health and How to Optimize It – 45 min, (2) Inflammation: What it is and How to Reduce it – 45 min, and (3) How to Eat Carbohydrates for High Blood Sugar and Triglycerides – 25 min

  • Private, Online Course Log In to Access All Materials

  • (Optional) Three Sessions Health Coach Add On for Additional Nutritional Support and Accountability

  • Invitation to the Nuuaria Community: Online Facebook group and Monthly-ish Community Events

Results from Decompress

“For the last 20 years I have felt the changing of the weather, in my joints. Three months ago, when the temperature dropped to an unseasonably cold, I ached from head to toe. This didn’t seem like the normal aches. I knew this was not a feeling I wanted, as the norm. I felt like my body was inflamed. I talked to Nuuaria about options…

They recommended a decompress dietary plan. Which meant staying away from dairy, sugar, grains, and legumes for 30 days. Then, reintroducing, one at a time, to figure out what is inflaming my body.

After 1½ weeks, I was a new person. Pain was minimal, at the most.

And this was during a time that we were getting hit with off and on rain and chilly weather. Conditions that would have been unbearable before were not affecting me. After 3 weeks I reintroduced dairy, because I am such a cheese head. I had no reaction, thank you Lord.

I visited my primary care physician for my annual physical, and she suggested that I stay on this dietary plan for 90 days to see what it would do with my labs…

My goal was not to lose weight, but to be pain free. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months. I did my lab work after 2 ½ months…

I had been trending up with my cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and A1c, for the past couple of years. Total cholesterol went from 173 to 141, HDL-cholesterol from 49 to 52, LDL-cholesterol from 75 to 68, triglycerides from 244 to 105, glucose from 116 to 107, and A1C from 6.3 to 6.1.

After the last three months I have decided to use this as my way of life. Not only have I dropped some weight, which was needed, but changed my life for the better. I now am more active. Not that I wasn’t active before, but I enjoy the activity more. Motion is Lotion.”

Sue, Nuuaria client

“The year is just days from ending and I want to share my story with all of you. I’m 25 years old and I’m a licensed esthetician and in the beauty industry. Before Nuuaria, I began feeling extremely physically exhausted all the time. So exhausted I began losing passion for my career simply because I had ZERO energy for anything and despised being at work because it required energy. I was always out of breath and none of my clothes were fitting anymore. I ate everything in sight because it tasted good and ate out every single day. What nobody knew was I felt extreme guilt after eating because I felt shame in what I was eating and hated how I looked in the mirror and never felt beautiful. But I dealt with it because that’s all I knew what to do.

One day I realized I had enough and knew I didn’t want to live my life that way anymore and stumbled across Nuuaria online when I was simply looking for a nutritionist. On my first visit my fasting glucose was elevated to the point the numbers were prediabetic and it woke me up. I was 228 pounds and I wanted to curl up into a ball.

But not once did I ever feel judged and immediately, I felt the beautiful energy and love given to me. After coming up with a game plan with my health coach I knew it was going to be my new beginning. After 3 months of being with Nuuaria I’ve lost a total of 38 pounds. My glucose levels are now normal and my energy is back. I fit in clothes I couldn’t fit into for YEARS. Simply by changing my diet and eating foods good for my body.

I began to learn it wasn’t about the food either. Learning to unlearn is still a struggle and I know it’s never easy but totally doable because it’s all within ourselves and we all CAN DO THIS. To have been able to meet the Nuuaria team including my amazing mentor and always feel the love never feeling alone in this journey is the most beautiful feeling. I’m learning things about me I never knew were always within me. To all of you thinking you can’t do this, know you can and even though it’s never easy, it’s never too late to be a better you.”

Anilu, Nuuaria client

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Why Nuuaria is Different

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Thinking is the cause.

Behavior is only the symptom. Behavior change, therefore, is only symptom treatment. We teach you how to think differently.

@ Work

Humans change humans.

While technology is a helpful assist, if daily weigh-ins and food tracking created permanent weight loss, obesity rates  wouldn’t continue to rise. Human facilitation of change through the intervention of unconditional positive regard is the key.

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When you commit, the results you’ll experience are unmatched…

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