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Nuuaria is Bridgemark’s wellness team who helps people change by teaching them how to think differently. While technology is a helpful assist, we believe it’s humans that change humans.  Nuuaria focuses on thinking as cause and behavior as symptom through people-based program and people-based solutions driving proven, bottom-line, cost-and-life-saving results.

Accredited by the American Institute of Stress, Nuuaria’s programs and solutions cover the areas of stress reduction, weight loss, diabetes, health coaching, wellness classes and consulting and management of entire wellness programs. Nuuaria serves many well-known companies and organizations such as Buckeye and Osborne School Districts, PING golf and CVS Health.

Whether a company or organization is starting from scratch with minimal budget or is seeking to expand their long-standing program, Bridgemark’s Wellness Team can help.

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COVID-19 Specific Wellness Downloads for You To Share with Your Organization

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MORE COVID-19 Self-Assessment: Assessment intended to assist you in making decisions about whether to be tested or seek immediate medical care

Webinar: Why We panic & How to Stop: Staying Mentally Well

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