Employ the proven power of evidence-based behavior change work to change your health sustainably and permanently by first learning to change how you think, with the Nuuaria® Program.


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an overthinker?
an all-or-nothing thinker?
maybe a catastrophic thinker?
someone who likes things in their  control?

have a lot of 'rules' around food, as good and bad?
experience stress or anxiety, overwhelm or frustration that gets in the way of your health goals?
have 'good' days and 'bad' days?
believe changing your health is hard?
believe maybe you can't actualy achieve the health goals you set?




For sustainable, permanent, and meaningful change, you first have to learn how to THINK DIFFERENTLY.

Thinking is the cause;
behavior is the symptom.

Eating too much sugar, lack of consistency, not exercising, not eating enough vegetables, hates cooking, eating fast food, not eating during the day due to busyness, back-loading and eating all night, no mindfulness practices, excessive alcohol, too much television, lack of energy, getting thrown off track after weekends, holidays, vacations, restricting, bingeing, stress or emotional eating…


Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, despair, hopelessness, frustration, confusion, busyness, pride, worry, fear, concern, anger, discouragement, doubt, blame, guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, grief, victim, boredom, impatience…

emotional Habits

Perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, overthinking, catastrophic thinking, obsessive thinking (circling), storytelling (perception distortion), indecisiveness, drama
queen-isms/melodrama, analysis paralysis, identity attachment (that’s not me, I couldn’t do that, that’s just how I am)

Thought Habits

•Fear of the unknown
•Fear of failing/succeeding
• Belief in one’s unworthiness
•Fear of ‘rocking the boat’
•Fear of what others will think of you
•Belief in ‘I don’t have time’ or
‘I don’t feel like it’ or ‘I don’t deserve it’
or ‘I can do it myself/ should be able
to do it myself’
• Fear of criticism and opinions other than your own, not believing
(or being afraid) it’s possible.

beliefs + fears

do what you know you 'should' be doing for your health, sustainably...

Feel - and actually be! - in total control of your health

Understand and apply the process of exactly how to change physical habits to stop the start-stop cycle

Understand basic brain science, to get your brain working FOR you instead of against you

End the self-sabatoge and stop letting life get in the way of your health goals

Master the fundamentals of stress management 

Reduce overhwelm and frustration to feel better more often, despite the outcomes in your health efforts

Find more time in your day to put into your health changes

How to enjoy the process of changing your health instead of it being something you 'have to' do.

Stop overthinking everything.

How to not let stress - or other negative thoughts or emotions - derail your efforts

Know exactly what to do to get 'unstuck' when you feel 'stuck'

How to spot and change irrational thinking or beliefs that are standing in the way of your success. 

How to get your client to stop being all-or-nothing, all-in or all-out with their behavior changes

Create permanent and sustainable results for yourself.

Stop feeling confused with diet information and start controlling your controllables and implementing the basics, regularly

Never have to pick up another diet again! *mindblown*

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to

Module 1: Welcome and Training Layout

Module 2: Building Self-Awareness

Where do I want to go? Who am I becoming? Self-Awareness of Dysfunctional Thinking, Cognitive Distortions, and Irrational Thoughts (Negative Thinking) Inhibiting Successful Behavior Change; Identifying Your Current Habits of Thinking; Self-Awareness of Less-Than-Desirable (Negative) Emotions Inhibiting Successful Behavior Change; Constructing Roadmaps/ Building Sandcastles: Old Brain New Brain Mapping Exercises

The Science of a Habit; The Habit Change Process; Increasing Relevance of Health Change; Values Exercise and Building a Bigger Why or Purpose; Time Diet Exercise; Steppingstones; Environment; Stimulus Control; Social Support: Getting buy-in, talking to family, communications 101, joining a community; Intentional Morning Vision; and more

How to Think About Your Success Formula - Test, Measure, Course-Correct Method; Objective vs Subjective Measurements, Expectations and Outcomes; Self-Monitoring Practices; Success Celebration; Problem Solving and the Growth Mindset; Relapse Prevention, Self-efficacy and Resilience; Purpose and Life Beyond Change

Putting it All Together; Case Studies and Examples; Finding and Engaging in Ongoing Support; and more

You CAN Change How You Think by Understanding How Your Brain Works; Introduction into Neuroplasticity

Thought Redirection and Cognitive Restructuring; The Nuuaria Method® for Cognitive Restructuring; The Role of Action; The Role of Resistance; Belief Change: Questioning what you believe, thinking for yourself, drawing your own conclusions and meaning; ABC Technique of Irrational Beliefs; Byron Katie’s Work Introduction

The Neuroscience of Emotion; Emotional Goal Setting; Objective Evaluation and Self-Monitoring Strategies; Stress Management; Environmental-focused strategies; Emotion-focused strategies; Mindfulness and Meditation; Nuuaria®’s Self-Examination Process for Self-Regulation; An Introduction to Trauma

Module 3: How to Change How You Think: Brain Science 

Module 4: How to Change How You Think: Habits of Thinking Practical Application

Module 5: How to Change How You Feel: Habits of Emotion

Module 6: How to Change Physical Habits

Module 7: Becoming Self-Directed  

Module 8: Putting It All Together



Thinking is the cause; behavior is the symptom. For successful behavior change, start first by changing how you think. 

More knowledge without integration into your life will do nothing. This is experiential learning

Change in our children, our families and even our world, starts with a change in ourselves.

There is no greater way to be in control of your health than to accept your current reality and learn how to change it through honest inventories, evidence-based behavior change work, and objective measures.

Through the implementation of the Nuuaria(R) program, you will cultivate the 15 inner qualities required for permanent and sustainable change:

Self-Awareness; Self-efficacy; Empathy; Agency; Stress Management; Acceptance; Self-Regulation; Self-Examination; Resiliency; Self-Direction; Executive Functioning; Sense of Belonging; Growth Mindset; Relevance of Good Health, and Purpose

Changing how you think will challenge your beliefs and ways of living. Changing your health by changing how you think is the gateway that allows change into your whole life. 



Enter your name and email for upcoming classes and program updates. We do not send spam and your email is never shared or sold.


-Maya Nahra, RDN, DAIS,
Founder of Nuuaria, Creator of the Nuuaria Method

The Nuuaria Program will teach you the systems you never set up yet.
This is the pre-work to your successful health changes;
and the LAST program you’ll ever invest in for your health.



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