I believe life is a journey filled with many paths. Some paths are smooth, others are bumpy and there are detours to navigate along the way. However, I believe by experiencing those different paths in your journey it will lead you to the destination of where you are meant to be. Truthfully, I wished my path would lead me to the ocean or to waterfalls  as I love nature, flowing bodies of water and green trees!    

My life has taken me on quite a journey, and I have traveled different paths. Career wise I have worked in a stockbroker’s office, been in customer service
at a bank and for 25 years have been a preschool teacher. My most rewarding job has been raising my children who are now successful adults.  My paths have not all been healthy. I have experienced stress, been overweight, and lacked confidence. I have experienced the fear of failing anytime I would start a new program or sign up for another gym membership!  

Thankfully, my path also led me to inspiring people who encouraged me and believed in me, even in those times when I did not believe in myself. Nuuaria helped me not only get physically healthier but healthier in my behavior and thoughts. Even if I am not by the ocean or waterfalls I can feel at peace because I have discovered that I have it within me. My journey has now brought me here: Health Coach and Mentor for Nuuaria. It is never too late to learn. I completed a course of study and I have my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certificate with AFPA Health, Nutrition and Fitness. I have also become an aqua instructor at a gym. My goal is to inspire and help others enjoy life and be healthier. I look forward to helping you in your wellness journey.  

" I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life" 
-Louise Hay

Robin Howell

Health Coach & Mentor