My passion for food and wellness began at a young age and was strongly influenced by my mom and grandmother who taught me how to cook and garden. I was obsessed with the flavors of food, the satisfaction one receives from eating a hot meal on a cold winter’s day (I’m from Western Upstate NY), and how the molecules of food come together and are neatly packaged on grocery shelves. 

My path to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) has been an exhilarating journey,
a story of perseverance really, and I hope it continues to be! 

I originally studied Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, then Imaging Science, before receiving my first B.S. in Applied Arts and Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My experiences with Wegmans Food Markets – a Rochester, NY based grocery store chain – ultimately lead me to return to school to study dietetics. After many years of balancing work, school, and well … life, I received my B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado. 

Although Space exploration and aeronautical imaging still fascinate me, I discovered my true passion and drive lies in helping others digest nutrition (LOL!) and increase their quality of life. 

When I’m not getting paid to do what I love, you’ll find me hiking in the mountains or riding my bike – after all warm weather, sunshine and mountains are what lead me to move across the country. 

"Be strong + courageous." 
-John 1:9

Pamela Kingsbury, RD

Cooking Demonstrations & Nutrition Educator