As an adolescent I struggled with my weight which led me to eating disorders and abusing weight loss pills as a teenager. I was admitted into a behavioral health center for a few months and upon discharge, I was more confused about what healthy nutrition is.  

As an adult I ate what I believed was healthy but I was never able to keep the weight off. I had acne, chronic fatigue, and asthma. When I started running, I realized I could eat and lose weight but I did it obsessively because it was the only thing that worked. I started triathlon and that seemed to allow me the freedom to eat more and keep the weight off, but chronic exercising didn’t seem like a sustainable plan. I enjoyed working out but I was tired and did not want to do it 2 times a day, every day!

In 2016, I completed my second Ironman and about a week after, went on vacation where I indulged in food (mostly sugar and alcohol) that I had not eaten during my training. This created a hormone response that broke me out in cystic acne and I gained a lot of inflammatory weight. It was a downward spiral from there that I could not get a handle on. I researched the ketogenic diet and dove in after many months of frustration. After a year, my hormones were regulated, my skin was clear, I lost weight, I felt more energized and I had not used my asthma inhaler. I had managed to heal myself simply by changing my diet. This experience sent me on a trajectory of learning more about nutrition. I became a certified nutritionist and personal trainer because I wanted to help others feel good too. I am excited to be a part of the team at Nuuaria. It is my mission to help others eat, move and live better through healthy eating and lifestyle.  

When I am not with clients, I enjoy time with my family, riding my bike, walking my dog, hiking and reading.

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

- Paulo Coelho 

Nadia Munoz

health coach