I have always wanted to help people. At the age of 6 I decided I wanted to be a nurse and have never veered from that course. I have worked hands on patient care all my life. I started off as a nursing assistant, then became a RN, and now I am a nurse practitioner. I have been to school in French, English, Spanish and have spoken Haitian Creole and Portuguese as well. I have been an avid hiker and enjoy hand work, sewing and reading. I have two daughters, two granddaughters and a grandson. I share ownership of two dogs and three cats with my partner Bill. 

As a child I lived in Haiti, Ecuador and Brazil. I never looked like everyone else. But when I lived in this country, I was a foreigner. I just never felt as though I fit in. I was always too tall, too white, too fat, not athletic enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough. I always felt uncomfortable and awkward as a child and young woman, now I often think of my discomfort as a benefit as it makes me extremely sensitive to people and their feelings.  

I have been on a search for more control, peace and acceptance of myself, as a result I have become a yoga instructor specializing in relaxation and mindfulness. In my search I also became aware of Nuuaria several years ago and waited two years before enrolling in the weight management program. I joined because I had always had trouble controlling my eating, I have been overweight most of my life and have done about every weight management program there is and never felt as though I had any control over food. With Nuuaria, I have begun to feel more control with food but still have a way to go. I am no longer at odds with myself over my weight and usually feel as though I am good enough as I am. I have learned to not expect perfection and am happy with what is going on with me now. I continue to be a work in progress, but I am happier and more accepting of myself and my body. I am now able to find peace and joy more often especially in simple things.  

Since my passion in life is to help people, I so enjoy watching people progress towards acceptance of themselves, their lives and their bodies. I love seeing someone take a deep breath and relax into themselves and find peace. 

" yes, it is only love that sets us free"
- Maya angelou

Barbara Wiggin, PhD, ANP-BC

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner & Nuuaria Mentor