My name is Maya. I grew up in a Lebanese home with wonderful food, everywhere, all of the time. Food was love. In my younger years, my weight was in the 200s. When I was ready, I turned to fashion magazines for weight loss help. Mission half accomplish: pretty in body but now sick in mind.
I checked myself in to registered dietitian school in hopes to understand what was wrong with me. Yes, now I understood why an apple was healthier than a candy bar yet I kept binging my way through the candy bars, always on or off in my attempts towards total health. I paralleled by studies with neuroscience and psychology, slowly adopted basic behavior change. 

After college I started a small practice coaching just that, behavior change in my clients. Stressed out most of the time, I was running from bears (aka fears) that weren’t real. I was always busy being busy. I believed I had to set an alarm for the sun to rise in the morning. Burnout struck, weight returned, and I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, anxiety and depression. These disguised blessings birthed the Nuuaria Method®. By adopting a regular practice of this method, my health returned when I learned how to change my habitual thinking. It was finally the end of efforting, fighting, resisting, controlling and strategizing and the beginning of a whole new way to permanent change. 

" It takes courage to become
 who you really are"
- e.e. cummings

Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS

Founder, President of Nuuaria + Creator
of the Nuuaria Method®