5 Steps to Change a Habit

by Jacquelyn Ikonomov, CHES

5 Steps to Change a Habit

Decide on Change

Change doesn’t have to be hard or be all-or-nothing. It can be easy and you don’t have the know how to get there first…just decide. Make a firm decision, cut off all other possibilities and let the journey begin!

Define Your Ideal End Goal

What do you want exactly? Where do you want to go? Gt clear on what this looks and feels like. Remember, you don’t have to know how to get there, you just have to know where you’re going.

Create a Stepping Stone Routine

Stepping stones are baby steps laid out with little to no resistance in taking them. Resistance feels and sounds like ‘should’ instead of ‘I can’. Always follow what you know you can do next, not what you believe you really should do. Then ask yourself, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?”

Set Up an Action Trigger

Your Stepping Stone isn’t a habit yet. You’ll need to set up reminders- and change them regularly so you don’t start ignoring them!- to remind yourself to complete your next stepping stone.

Set and Commit To CEO Time

A CEO wouldn’t look at his or her business one week later to find out the stepping stone wasn’t complete or didn’t work and quit. They strategize, re-plan, implement again and course-correct again as needed until they reach their desired end goal.

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Jacquelyn Ikonomov, CHES

Director of Enterprise Sales & Development

I enjoy adventuring to new places, trying new healthy foods, and learning something new that helps me think differently. Change excites me! It lights my fire. Life is an exciting journey with so much to explore and understand. Training your mind to think openly and accept what is to come next without resistance transforms your life into something beautiful.

I hold a BS in Community Health Education and a minor in Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. I filled an internship in Sweden, at Linnaeus University where I taught Health Education Courses and experienced how Swedish culture -or in Maya’s words beliefs- drive their thoughts of “lagom” (not too much, not too little), which drive emotions of peace, which drive physical habits of biking to work and social “fika” (coffee breaks).

Every day, my mission is to lead by example as an energetic motivator to guide people toward a better quality of life. I can’t wait to meet you!

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