Reclaim Your Health with 10 Healthy Food Swaps, with Registered Dietitian Maya Nahra on FOX10 Phoenix


MAY 25TH 2020
AUTHOR, maya nahra

The Swaps
Bread – sweet potato toast (Get adequate protein for weight loss.)
Dried fruit – fresh fruit (Less sugar.)
Potato chips – popcorn (More fiber. Remember not to eat to close to bed and get between 7-9 hours night.)
Mayo – avocado
Rice – cauliflower rice
Fruit juice – real fruit or coconut water (Get adequate water.)
Table salt – real salt
Flavored yogurt – plain with fruit (Less sugar.)
Milk chocolate – dark chocolate (Choose higher percentages on chocolate bars to reduce sugar. + Make eating an event to increase satisfaction and avoid mindless and overeating.)
Sweet tooth – fat bombs (Fat helps with satiety and reduces sugar cravings. Join us & learn how to make them!)