When you work for us, you don’t work for us, you work for and serve the greater vision and mission.

We don’t just teach food and habits, we transform lives. We do this by committing to bring our best selves, in order to create a world of humans in their best, healthiest, most vibrant selves.

We believe we are the change. 

And as such, our lives are living, breathing examples of what’s possible and are part of the new change revolution happening NOW.

*All positions are currently filled. Please check back soon.*

Part (And Wants To Grow To Full) Time Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

We are currently looking for a registered dietitian who desires to work part and full time in 1-1 patient coaching setting focusing on behavioral modification and permanent change support.

We are looking for cheerleaders, rock stars, big hearts and open minds who dare to change the world with us.

(Must be flexible and willing to learn how to get comfy in the unknown – undo the need for control and be a perfect – in order to grow into the best possible version of yourself… because it is then, we can change our world, together.)

Current position open is for a part time – to move into a full time. It is based inside a medical physician’s office in central Scottsdale, Arizona. Main duty will be to conduct 1-1 coaching sessions with own client base inclusive of regular follow up and scheduling, perform patient collaborative rounds with physician, provide monthly support group sessions with patients, and learn the Habit and Behavior Change™ Health Coaching methodology and process with founder, Maya Nahra. Benefits not available at this time. 

As an early adopter RD, this position will grow – as the company grows – into a higher level management position over the onboarding processes and operations of future RDs and/or the teaching of the methodology through potential CEU format, only should this RD which to take this route. 


A registered dietitian/ nutritionist with a big heart. Someone able to manage one’s own schedule and time. Someone who enjoys working autonomously. Someone who enjoys creating processes. Someone who is willing to have things not go right and be perfect all the time. Someone open to changing their own habits, in mind and physical behavior. Someone crazy enough to believe they can be a part of a movement so big, it’ll change the course of our country’s health. Someone who believes in humans and their ability to change, even when the human can’t see it yet themselves. y time.


A registered dietitian/ nutritionist looking for a job and a paycheck. Someone closed-minded to only one way. Someone who cannot stay focused on a better way and permanent change amidst the stress and chaos of a patient’s life. Someone who is not open to change in their own lives. Someone who’s always late. Someone who does not want to work collaboratively. 


Open to speaking in front of people. Open to growing with a company. Has experienced hardship in life, made it through to the other side and feels they are a better human for it, now wanting to bring purpose, passion, heart and real change to the world through their experience and story. A believer in hope and possibility. Has or can cultivate positivity, drive and tenacity. 


Please send the following to Maya at Maya@MayaNahra.com

Your resume 

No longer than a five-minute video on why you’re the best person for the position

Your BEST contact info so that Maya can schedule an interview with you asap.