The Habit And Behavior Change™ Program


We have more ‘diets’ available then ever before…

we have more pharmaceutical drugs available then ever before…

yet habit-driven diseases – obesity, diabetes, heart disease – continue to increase.

Habit and Behavior Change™ is not a short term diet plan. It’s not another piece of education. And it’s not another drug. It’s the solution to creating real, lasting and permanent change in our country’s health today.

Habit and Behavior Change™ is an evidence-based formula proven to create permanent health and lifestyle changes through a change in the individual’s long-term habits and behaviors. Combining both medical nutrition therapy and brain science – plus all the support tools proven for long term success creates change in physical and thought habits.


The health coaching program combines Habit and Behavior Change™ with individualized health coaching from registered dietitian nutritionists, peer-to-peer mentoring, cutting edge mindset training and support groups to create permanent changes to an individual’s state of health by increasing patient compliance through the Habit and Behavior Change™ methodology.

The Habit and Behavior Change™ Health Coaching Program accepts only those who are serious about making long term changes to their health, not those looking for a quick fix. Due to the true nature of creating change within an individual, a change of one’s habit – in both thought and physical behavior – will not occur overnight. When this is accepted and the individual commits to the program, it will work, every time.


We know eating an apple is healthier than the candy bar, so why we they doing it?

With more medical and nutritional information readily available than ever, why is it that we still have a problem with obesity, heart disease and diabetes rates? …

Although necessary for a patient or individual’s recovery to full and vibrant health, the answer does not lie in another meal plan, prescription or treatment plan alone

especially when its not followed.

True, lasting and permanent change and a return to full and vibrant health lies in a change in habits – not just physically, but in thought and emotion as well.

Our habits drive it all… all-or-nothing and perfectionism thinking producing temporary results followed by a lapse in compliance at the first sign of stress or overwhelm causing slowed progress and decreased compliance.

At the first signs of a patient’s positive results, they slow their progress, only seeing what’s wrong and what’s not yet working to due catastrophic thinking causing frustration.

They’re not compliant with their medication – the ones the physician KNOWS would yield positive results – simply because it’s not yet a habit in the patient’s life, causing slowed progress and delayed results. 

Habit and Behavior Change™ works because it treats the root cause of the individual and addresses the thought habits – perfectionism thinking, all-or-nothing thinking, overthinking, catastrophic and circling thinking – combined with the emotional habits (stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, worry, depression) which then affect the behavior itself.

Habit and Behavior Change™ and it’s Health Coaching Program is not another meal plan, diet book or even more motivational interviewing… it’s the proven solution to the single most important problem in our country’s health today. 


For Physician

Do your patients KNOW what they SHOULD be doing to get better… they’re just not doing it? Do your patients fail to comply with your treatment plan recommendations? And you KNOW with increased compliance comes better results… but you just don’t have the TIME or ENERGY to get them there? That’s where we come in…

For Patients

Begin your journey back to full and vibrant health with a team: Us, your doctor – and most importantly – YOU. No doctor in your area yet? We have options for you…