Cutting sugar? Switching to Paleo? Going dairy free?… and completely confused? frustrated? and don’t know what to eat anymore?

Don’t go at this change alone, let us help. We’ll save you time, money and headaches. The Pantry Detox is your jump start to real and permanent change.

It’s you, Kristen and the sugar in those Dill pickles…

Your Pantry Detox will eliminate these HEADACHES…

I don’t know what to eat – I don’t have time – I don’t want to cook two different meals for my family – I want to be more organized each week – There’s too many temptations in my house – I don’t know what foods have sugar – Is that Paleo? – What foods in here are gluten free and which ones aren’t?

(Don’t worry, she’ll only throw out your junk if you want her too.)

What To Expect

Step One

Find a day you can spend four hours with your Pantry Detox Coach. Call us to book the date of your detox. (Yes, we can do nights and weekends.)

Step Two

Complete your intitial paperwork for your coach to create your customized plan of action for your detox day.

Step Three

Open your door when Kristen rings the doorbell! She’ll come in and sit down with you to review your goals and layout your detox plan (~45 minutes).

Then, you both will review your kitchen cupboards, pantry and refrigerator. Your Pantry Detox coach will make suggestions for positive change (~30 minutes).

Next, you’ll head to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the recipes your coach has planned for you in addition to showing you how to shop, read ingredient labels and plan for your future grocery store runs to align with your goals (~1 hour).

Lastly, you’ll head home and Kristen will roll up her sleeves with you to prepare one of the recipes she’s suggested for your success so you can see how healthy tastes delicious, costs less and is easy to plan for (~1 hour).

Step Four

Review your next step action plans before your Nuuaria Pantry Detox coach leaves for the day and schedule your final fifteen minute check-in phone call with your coach for two weeks out (~15 minutes).

Step Five

Complete your shopping and cooking homework on your own!

Step Six

Complete your fifteen minute follow-up phone call with your coach to assess progress and next steps directions.


$99 is required at the time of booking your Pantry Detox. After your detox day, your final investment is $400. (Total, $499.) All sales are final.

MAY & JUNE 2018 SPECIAL: $99 at booking at $350 after detox day. A $50 SAVINGS

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