Know what to do to be healthy… just not doing it?

Believe stress and overwhelm is just a part of life?

Overthink things much? PerfectionistAll-or-nothing thinker?

Experience everyday anxiety?

Try and control what you can’t control?

…want a better way?

Life circumstance isn’t your problem… your habitual thinking is.

The Nuuaria Method™ is change work and is the answer to your problems. (We’re not joking.)

How It Works

This is the Nuuaria Method™ formula. Thinking is what created the behavior and it is thinking that will change the behavior (NOT more ‘doing’)… which means you are not your habits and your habits are not your destiny. Permanent change is real and possible.

If you identify with at least two of these, you will benefit from this program.

Do any of these habits describe you? If so, the Nuuaria Method™ is for you.

Why It Works with Founder Maya Nahra, RD

The Nuuaria Method™ works because it treats the root cause of the individual and addresses the thought habits – perfectionism thinking, all-or-nothing thinking, overthinking, catastrophic and circling thinking – combined with the emotional habits (stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, worry, depression) which then affect the behavior itself. We don’t teach you how to DO differently, rather, how to THINK differently… which changes everything.

The Nuuaria Method™ Works Especially Well For…


Weight Loss





Program Results & Outcomes

The following results reflect a sample size of 35 over a 6-month period with a 12-month follow up in the The Nuuaria Method™ Program.

What Our Clients Have To Say

-Shannon W., Oregon

Nuuaria has provided me with amazing tools to use daily. Their methods are like none other that I have tried and believe me, I have tried them all, some more than once. They offer a wonderful team of support that is truly passionate about helping people. This Nuuaria Method is a new fresh perspective on how to handle whatever ails you. The trickle down affect of my integrating these new ways into my life has been life changing. I have been able to see myself and life from a completely different perspective. My anxiety has been reduced and my self confidence increased. I am getting along with co-workers and family members better than ever and finally understand how to balance feelings. I have pure respect for this company and hope that any one searching for a better way to realign themselves whether personally or within their career tries the Nuuaria Method.


Phoenix, Arizona

I am so glad to have found Nuuaria. I stumbled upon the Habit and Behavior change program, somewhat intuitively, while searching for answers as to how to eradicate behaviors that were not serving me well and simultaneously building new habits that would enable me to live my best life.  While I had a lot of knowledge concerning what I should be doing, putting that knowledge into practice proved a lot more difficult.  During the course of my research, I found Maya (the founder) on YouTube and immediately resonated with her message. Shortly thereafter, following a consultation call with Maya, I signed up for the Habit and Behavior change program. I have since worked closely with Nuuaria staff: Kristen, my dietician; Pam, my journey mentor; and the occasional check in with Maya.  Each of these ladies is an incredible human being in her own right, and I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with them when I did.  During this same period, I started working closely with a functional medicine doctor as well, something that the Nuuaria staff supported and encouraged as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  I am so grateful for all of the positive changes I have seen in my physical health and my mental, emotional, and spiritual well being since starting this journey three months ago.  Thank you Maya, Kristen, and Pam for the heart you bring to this work and to those you serve!


Santa Monica, CA

This program has been the single most powerful experience of my life, guiding me down the path to weight loss and freedom from depression!


Columbus, Ohio

I cannot tell you how the Nuuaria Method™ has changed my life. Starting with learning that I was running my life on someone else’s belief system instead of my own to the concept of thought redirection and other tools, the path of my life and how I deal with the fears and struggles has been forever altered. At 60 years of age I’m just now beginning to live my life to the fullest.


Phoenix, Arizona

At a time when I felt the most broken and vulnerable the Nuuaria Method™ journey showcased just how strong I am. The journey goers have offered support and at times a swift kick. I am a better person every day as part of this program.


Phoenix, Arizona

The feeling of peace and serenity in my mind and body since starting the curriculum is pure bliss.


Sunshine Coast, Australia

The Nuuaria Method™ has impacted my life in monumental ways and is an instrumental & continual tool I use for personal growth. These courses have taught me how to effectively change old destructive habits that kept me trapped in my thoughts and out of control emotions, and as a result, has helped me grow in every area of my life…


Phoenix, Arizona

Inclusions & Components

Three Ways To Start Your Nuuaria Education

(Can’t afford it right now? Scroll below the boxes for a surprise…)

Can’t afford any of these options and want change?

Nuuaria gives away $1,000 in scholarships to those in need, EVERY month. Simply email us at or pick up the phone and call (480) 481-6697.

If money is really the only barrier you have to change, we’ve got you covered. 😉

As If It Couldn’t Get Better, It Just Did…

It’s not often a business believes so much in what they do to guarantee your happiness. If you meet these requirements and have not seen a change – note we didn’t say the limited result your brain thinks you want – in your life, we’ll give you the money you’ve spent on the Nuuaria Method™ program back. NOTE: This does not include investments in speciality coaches (dietitians and nurses). This is the monthly program investment you make.


a six-month minimum commitment to the program


completed your workbook homework and it’s courses in it’s entirety


committed to and showed up for all Nuuaria Method coaching sessions (included in program)


you’ve given 100% of yourself to the dedication of your success, even when you didn’t know how it would happen


you’ve committed to once per month support group meetings and twice per month live office hours


lastly, you’ve done the real work, the INTEGRATION work. You didn’t commit to simply learning something new, you committed to yourself, your intentions, your goals and integrated the methodology you’ve learned into your every day life.

“Hi friends! I joined the Nuuaria program 10 months ago and am now 4 months into Heart Training. Today was the first time going to see my doctor since joining the program. Happy tears came flowing out when I realized how my overall well being has changed. I didn’t need a refill on my antidepressant medication. There was a decrease in weight without dieting. When answering the questionnaire about feelings of depression, insomnia or anxiety, I could truthfully answer that I don’t suffer from it to the level I once did, nor do I feel it is something I need to fix. I’m simply being easy on myself, allowing, letting go and knowing that I am ok.” – Marisela, Nuuaria Student

You are witnessing direct results of practicing self-love and self-worth ❤️ Thank you for being the change 

“Keep showing up to do the work and relieve your painful thoughts. Coping with life and creating new possibilities.”

How powerful are those words?? Creating NEW. It’s POSSIBLE. To feel r e l i e f 💫 Nuuaria is — a breath of fresh air — 🌬

Nuuaria means ‘new air’. 


I’ve been part of Nuuaria for about a month now. For the last 6 years of my life, I’ve had high stress/anxiety translating to high to off the charts cortisol levels on my all of my labs. If you know what cortisol is and the dangers of consistently high levels, you’ll know it wreaks havoc in the body and on your entire life.

For the first time in 6 years, my cortisol levels have dropped and are closer to normal ranges. I have also felt better and better as time goes on (still a work in progress). That has to be proof that the program has helped me get here in such a short amount of time. This was an emotional yet invigorating experience for me 

Thank you 💜 -Vanessa, Nuuaria Student

Can’t afford any of these options and want change?

Nuuaria gives away $1,000 in scholarships to those in need, EVERY month. Simply email us at or pick up the phone and call (480) 481-6697.

If money is really the only barrier you have to change, we’ve got you covered. 😉