What’s possible for your life beyond fear? Beyond habitual stress and worry? Beyond habitual thinking?



It’s time to change the foundations that drive it all: old beliefs, fears and insecurities. Join us for your own Heart Training – six months of deep-integration work – to shatter the old foundation of fear and build a new sturdy one, based upon the truths of the heart necessary for you to remember how to create and live again, from the heart instead of the head. It’s time to move through your fears, instead of creating and living a life driven by them.

Now Enrolling For June 11th

Nuuaria is now enrolling for the next Heart Training class, starting June 11th, 2018. This can be a distance program, you do not have to live in Arizona to join us.

$75 To Reserve Your Space

This $75 will reserve your space and pay for your Heart Training books and shipping. Heart Training is a six-month, heavy-integration program for a one time $997 or $200 a month for six months, recurring auto debit. This program is non-refundable. (2018 Heart Training class is half off the regular investment of $2000 due to our Nuuaria opening specials.)

Your Guide: Maya Nahra

Nuuaria, Habit and Behavior Change™ and Heart Training are a product of Maya’s life’s work and desire for a better way through weight loss, burnout, thyroid, adrenal, gut and blood sugar health concerns, stress and anxiety medications and building the heart-based business that is now Nuuaria. Maya’s personal life’s mission is to inspire the life that exists beyond fear.

What Heart Training Students Have To Say…

Meet Shannon, one of our founding Heart Training students who has changed her health, relationship, living circumstance and is starting her own business all through Heart Training

What’s Included & What To Expect

Program Inclusions

  1. 11 Guide Books (5 Knowlege Guides + 5 Integration Guides + 1 Creating Again Guide)
  2. Lifetime Access to Your Online Heart Training Course inclusive of Complimentary White Board Training Sessions with Maya and Daily Reminder Videos
  3. 6-Months of Heart Training Office Hours with Maya, twice per month sessions to gather with all Heart Training students both in person and online to share, guide, learn and integrate *Office Hours will likely take place on Monday evenings and/ or Saturday mid-mornings. The schedule will be completed one month in advance to accomodate the majority*
  4. Nuuaria’s Heart Training Facebook Support Group for 24/7 Support, Collaboration and Heart Shares

A Heart-Driven Life

…instead of a head-driven, fear-driven life. This is a six-month, integration-intensive program designed to help you integrate the new truths, beliefs, understandings and lessons you must remember, to live a heart-driven life and to consciously create this life with purpose, passion and fun …instead of unconsciously from fear, worry, stress and anxiety. 

The Key To Your Success

…is not dedicating 50 hours a week to Heart Training, rather, your (1) decision to live differently, (2) open-minded-ness to a better way and (3) willingness to let go of the old habits, in thought, emotion and belief. The definition of ‘work’ as you know it now – the long hours, striving, achieving and do-ing – is not the work of the heart. The new ‘work’ is letting go, allowing and making feeling good a priority.

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