LOVE fitness and want to lose weight? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Lean out? Tone up? Or increase definition?

If you’re dedicated to your fitness but frustrated with a lack of results, Nuuaria Registered Dietitian and fellow fitness enthusiast, Kristen is here to help.

Drops in energy (fatigue before, during, or after workouts) are common when you start working out because you may not be eating enough to fuel your workout. It’s also not uncommon to have a general fear of eating due to losing progress and/or eating the wrong thing and hindering progress (in extreme cases this sometimes leads to obsessive eating behaviors)…
We can help you eliminate these confusions.

End frustration. Get results faster. Feel like a rockstar.

What we can do for you…


Calculate initial macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories) needs specialized for your desired fitness goals


Review of MyFitnessPal food entries


Provide suggestions on how to meet macronutrient goals


Adjust macronutrients based on results (losses, gains, and/or plateaus)


Provide necessary support and accountability to keep you focused and on-track


Access to your complimentary ‘Flexible Eating thru Macros’ Nuuaria online course, inclusive of eight video lessons providing the tools you need for basic nutrition knowledge, calculating macros, navigating potential pitfalls and reaching your goals without giving up the foods you love


Private Nuuaria Facebook support group for fitness nutrition only, get meal ideas, support and more from fellow clients with the same goals

Two Ways To Get Started

One-Time Macros Calculations

Have special fitness needs and you’re just not sure what percentage to set your fat or carbs at? No problem. We’re here to help. Just follow these four simple steps.

(1) Invest one-time $40 below.

(2) We’ll set you up inside out patient/client portal and send an email to confirm. You’ll log in to complete your questionnaire.

(3) Kristen, your Nuuaria Dietitian and fellow fitness enthusiast will personally get to work on an individualized set of macro nutrient calculations and will upload the results to your patient portal.

(4) You’ll receive and email when your calculations are complete and ready, simply log in to retrieve them.

Full Macros Coaching Package

Get your stress and frustrations out in the gym… not on your macros.

No need to do this alone. Nuuaria Registered Dietitian and fellow fitness enthusiast, Kristen, is here to help. This package is the whole kit and caboodle, everything you need… soup to nuts (???). You’ll receive everything mentioned above – all those little check boxes – wrapped into three, 45-minute sessions with Kristen.

From specialized calculated macros and professional strategy and guidance to online video lessons and a like-minded support group, this package is well worth it’s weight in gold… but we’re only asking for $295. Click below to get started now.

(Rockstars may live anywhere.)

Distance Program Available

We offer distance and telehealth (HIPAA-compliant video sessions). All support is conducted online.

The Key To Your Success

is your mind. What makes a Nuuaria dietitian so special? We walk the walk. We’ve put ourselves – and continue to do so – through our own habit and behavior changes to continuously become the best humans we can be. We’ve been in your shoes and we’ve thought your thoughts. We believe we are the change AND WE BELIEVE YOU ARE TOO.

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