FREE PUBLIC SEMINAR AT ARIZONA WELLNESS MEDICINE WITH MAYA: How your mental and emotional outlook can improve or slow your healing process 

Have you felt sick for some time and can’t seem to get well? 
Do you experience stress, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration almost daily? 
Do you commonly overthink things? Are you an all-or-nothing thinker? Worry about the worst thing that night happen? 

Join behavioral registered dietitian, Maya Nahra and founder of Nuuaria, the health coaching program available with Arizona Wellness Medicine for an evening lecture on how misaligned emotional and thought habits can slow your healing process. She’ll discuss some of the easy steps you can take now to begin getting your mindset on board and aligned with your whole, healthy and healed body returning you to vitality faster. You don’t want to miss this. RVSP at Arizona Wellness Medicine as space is limited. Call (602) 892-4727


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