The REAL Problem: Everyone knows what to do… and no one’s doing it.

The REAL Solution: Teaching employees how to think differently (not do differently).

Nuuaria teaches your workplace how to think and feel differently, habitually, and therefore, to effortlessly, – and over time – eliminate the expensive manifestations of chronic disease and poor mental health.

You can’t use a short-term behavior change solution to fix a long-term thought habit problem…

What’s the REAL reason a potential new hire comes to you for a job?
Because they believe there’s some form of happiness they seek in the having of that job.
But 95% of everything we think, feel and do TODAY will be the same as we did yesterday.
So when faced with the same situations in different masks, without the right tools for change…
stress, anxiety, depression and subsequent chronic disease grow increasingly more EXPENSIVE for you.
(Incentives, shorter days, free Fitbits and chair massages in the breakroom are just Band-Aids.)
Circumstance isn’t the problem, thinking is.
It is in learning how to think differently that stress, anxiety and chronic disease are ELIMINATED, and happiness flourishes.
Habitual thoughts, emotions and addictive behaviors keep you from the results you need and your employees from the happiness they want most.
Change the conversation.
Watch your participation increase.
Get PERMANENT results.

Nuuaria is the Permanent Solution That Eradicates Chronic Disease and Poor Mental Health

We excel in the following areas:


Weight Loss/ Weight Management




Heart Disease


Stress Elimination


Anxiety Elimination


Depression Elimination

Whether you’re ready for real change within your organization or brand new to wellnesswe have you covered.


A six-month program for a small number of individuals ready to ELIMINATE chronic disease and poor mental health. Real change leads to real results.


A habit and behavior change monthly newsletter designed to elevate awareness and nurture integration and readiness to change


Results from the Arizona Metropolitan Trust, Nuuaria Program for Weight Management. 2017 Pilot Program, 6 months, 23 Participants.

Verified third-party results. Medication costs calculated from actual medications participants eliminated based on insurance claims.


3.7% average percent weight loss


8.23 pounds average loss per person


2 inch average waist circumference loss


181 total pounds lost


5.85% average, sustained weight loss per participant


85% reduction to elimination of Metabolic Risk Factors (High Glucose, Low HDL, High TG, High Blood Pressure,  Waist Circumference), about a $2,000 savings per person per year


Reduction in filled scripts/ medications (anxiety, heart/ inflammation), a $3,000 savings

Results from the Nuuaria Program. In-house, self-reported data from a sample of size of 50 participants over six months with a twelve month follow up.

From the Employee…

I can easily say that this has been the happiest I have been since I got married in July last year. I have lost 22 pounds since joining the program!

Member from the 2017 AzMT Nuuaria Pilot Program

This program is already changing my life! It’s giving me the tools and support to take steps toward living a happier, healthier life.

Member from the 2017 AzMT Nuuaria Pilot Program

Picking up healthy foods and cooking at home seems to be so much more enjoyable now.

Member from the 2017 AzMT Nuuaria Pilot Program


The Nuuaria Program Includes the Proven Methodology, Framework, High Support & High Accountability the Human Needs for Permanent Change

Questions? We love questions. Let’s set up a time to chat… or call (480) 481-6697 or Toll-Free (855) 800-3238

You have two products for corporate wellness then?

Yes. The Nuuaria Programas detailed on this page – is our main product providing real change and real cost-saving results. This is what we are known for. It is for the company, small to large, who knows the value of wellness and knows even further that behavior change is the only way forward now.

The Wellness Touch is done-for-you wellness for small to medium size businesses who want to integrate wellness but don’t want the hassle or worry of it all. It is a habit and behavior change monthly newsletter and webinar designed to elevate awareness & nurture integration at work. Click here to learn more.

I'm interested and would love to 'dip my toes in'. How do we do that?

Dipping your toes in to get started is easy. We recommend assessment webinars to engage your employees to measure interest. Please email or call us to schedule: or call (480) 481-6697 or Toll-Free (855) 800-3238

How much does it cost?

Investment in the Wellness Touch is extremely low cost, making wellness accessible to almost any company. Click here to learn more about the product and pricing. 

The Nuuaria program offers three different levels of investment, ranging from $200 per person per month to $425 per person per month. The program is six months in length.

What does the Nuuaria program include? What am I paying for?


  • Intake Interviews
  • Marketing Materials
  • Admin: Email communication, scheduling, legal, & insurance communications
  • Reporting: Pre/Post collection, organization, & analytics


  • Online Course Curriculum: How to Change a Habit, How to Think, How to Feel
  • Online Course Curriculum: Master Classes
  • Workbook


  • Office Hours: Weekly Support
  • Group Meeting: Monthly (online, in-person or none)
  • Facebook Group: Daily


  • 1:1 Nuuaria Mentor Session
  • (OPTIONAL) Specialty Coach Add-On: Dietitian or Licensed Therapist
What percentage of people complete the program?

100% unless an employee leaves the company. How 100%? After testing and measuring, two program components are mandatory

(1) one-to-one telephonic intake interview to assess readiness to change;

(2) rolling open enrollment to ensure the right people are reached and marketing of the program is not under a time crunch and;

(3) highly detailed program expectations clearly spelled out, agreed upon and signed by the employee including program time requirements, employee-determined health goals and more.

How many people can take enroll in the program?

We are not restricted to a number of employees however know this, change doesn’t happen until someone is sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is why the Nuuaria program isn’t for everyone. This is why we have 100% completion rate (unless an employee leaves the company during the program period). If you have a company of 1,000 employees, it is highly likely roughly 75-100 will interview and 20-25 will be accepted into the program. Remember, we are here to impact the top percentage, eliminating medications you pay for and other large expenses of chronic disease and poor mental health.

What do you measure?

We will work with you to determine what is most important to target via what track you’d like to apply the Nuuaria program too (i.e. weight management or anxiety)


  • Biometrics Pre and Post for Diabeties, Hypertention, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Depression & Anxiety (Rx Only), High Cholesterol & Metabolic Syndrome
  • Biometrics each month for Obesity
  • 6 mo average cost before plan, 6 mo average cost during program, 6 mo average after program for Depression & Anxiety (Rx Only)


  • Culture, Hiring and Retention, Productivity, Absentiesm and Presenteism, & Work Quality: Self-reported data as well as working with HR for available information


(While we realize this measurement is not important to some, we do still measure it.)

  • QOL, Stress, Happiness, Work-Life Balance, Life Purpose, Better relationships through self-reported assessments


  • Track Stepping Stones, Online Course Curriculum Progress, Office Hours Attendance, Support Group Attendance, Dietitian Sessions & Nuuaria Coaching
How long is the program?

The Nuuaria program is six months in length. We are high support, high accountability, long term players in the game of real change for your employee.

Proud Members Of

Whether you’re ready for real change within your organization or brand new to wellnesswe have you covered.


A six-month program for a small number of individuals ready to ELIMINATE chronic disease and poor mental health. Real change leads to real results.


A habit and behavior change monthly newsletter designed to elevate awareness and nurture integration and readiness to change


Nuuaria is a center for change, designed to help people close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Specializing in physical and mental health through habit and behavior change education, Nuuaria helps people live their best life feeling good, happy, healthy and purposeful.

Thinking is what created the behavior, and thinking is what will change the behavior. Nuuaria provides a unique methodology to create integration-focused change in the real world. The Nuuaria Method™ is an evidenced-based, habit and behavior change multi-level education in the areas of health and medicine, emotional and general wellbeing, career and relationships.

Nuuaria believes that change within the individual will result in the global changes necessary for a sustainable future. The company is dedicated to bringing the integration-focused change program to the masses, accessible to anyone desiring a better way.

Nuuaria was founded in 2012 by registered dietitian, Maya Nahra, in Phoenix, Arizona who was in search of a better way to reclaim her health and life and discovered a proven system that creates permanent lasting change despite circumstance and habit.

“Hi friends! I joined the Nuuaria program 10 months ago and am now 4 months into Level Two. Today was the first time going to see my doctor since joining the program. Happy tears came flowing out when I realized how my overall well being has changed.

I didn’t need a refill on my antidepressant medication. There was a decrease in weight without dieting. When answering the questionnaire about feelings of depression, insomnia or anxiety, I could truthfully answer that I don’t suffer from it to the level I once did, nor do I feel it is something I need to fix. I’m simply being easy on myself, allowing, letting go and knowing that I am ok.” – Marisela

I’ve been part of Nuuaria for about a month now. For the last 6 years of my life, I’ve had high stress/anxiety translating to high to off the charts cortisol levels on my all of my labs. If you know what cortisol is and the dangers of consistently high levels, you’ll know it wreaks havoc in the body and on your entire life.

For the first time in 6 years, my cortisol levels have dropped and are closer to normal ranges. I have also felt better and better as time goes on (still a work in progress). That has to be proof that the program has helped me get here in such a short amount of time. This was an emotional yet invigorating experience for me  Thank you -Vanessa

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