When your clients and patients know what to do and just aren’t doing it…

what are you going to do?

Advanced Training For Coaches and Medical Health Practitioners


You are about to discover a unique and life-changing methodology, one that freed me from the self-imposed habit chains, tying me to a life I did not want. After fourteen years of development and coaching thousands of clients throughout eight countries, Nuuaria is proudly pioneering the next level of habit and behavior: the Nuuaria Method® certification program, so that ‘I’ can become ‘we’.

The Nuuaria Method® is an evidenced-based habit and behavior change framework teaching what we call: change-work, applicable in the areas of health and medicine, emotional and general wellbeing, career and relationships.   This certification program is advanced training for coaches and medical health professionals to create a create a deeper, more profound impact on impact in the hearts and minds of your clients and patients.

-Maya Nahra, RD, Founder at Nuuaria & Creator of the Nuuaria Method®


Humans evolve. So should our coaching.

Our world is unhappier, fatter, sicker and more stressed out than ever before. From diets to motivational interviewing, and positive thinking skills to internet experts… we have more how-to’s and strategies than ever before. So what’s the problem?

The Nuuaria Method® does not stop at behavior change, in fact that’s only the first step. It teaches the client how think differently in order to create permanence in the behavior change.

It’s sustainable and refreshingly real.

Nuuaria believes that change within the individual will result in the global changes necessary for a sustainable future. The company is dedicated to bringing the integration-focused change program to the masses, accessible to anyone desiring a better way.

Nuuaria is change-work by the people for the people. Through the years, we’ve found something unsurprising… humans want to help other humans. Our multi-level education says: (1) Change me. (2) Be the change. (3) Learn to help others change. We believe experience trumps all. Lifting others up is the only way forward now.

It’s INTEGRATION-focused.

No one needs more knowledge. It’s time to close the gap between where your client is and where they want to be.

The Nuuaria Method® is 95% integration-focused teaching the individual how to think and how to feel despite external circumstance.

It’s evidenced-based.

The Nuuaria Method® uses modern-day brain science, tools in self-directed neuroplasticity, positive psychology and common sense to help your clients learn to think differently.

Proven results.

From a $3,000 reduction and elimination in script (medication) costs per year to a 93.5% increase in happiness and quality of life, the results don’t just speak for themselves, the community does too.

Implementation of the Nuuaria framework in your practice will increase your exposure, deepen your impact, and make you more money.

Coaching has never been more satisfying.

You’re not giving them fish anymore, you’re teaching them how to fish..

you’re teaching them how to think. 


The Nuuaria Method® was created by registered dietitian Maya Nahra who was in search of a better way, despite habit and circumstance. When Maya jumped from her corporate job in 2012, she quickly filled her practice from 0 to full and replaced her income in just 6 months. She then went on to make a 6-figure income as a solopreneur in her second year in practice while working and seeing clients from all over the world in her home office. She expanded into speaking and live workshops during that time, continually expanding her network and her income each year creating an unparalleled community. Maya has gone on to create a multi-level education structure. She loves speaking, teaching, writing and creating. Maya is also a lover of all things wine and enjoys a minimalistic lifestyle.


You will teach clients how to change a habit, how to think and how to feel. You will be their mentor, their teacher, their coach, and the voice of reason and sanity through their confusion.

“This has been the most rewarding work of my life.” -Maya


These are the proven results we will teach you how to achieve as you implement the framework across various platforms.

The following results reflect a sample size of 35 over a 6-month period with a 12-month follow up in the Nuuaria Method® Program

Corporate Wellness Weight Management, 2017 Pilot Program, 6 months, 23 Participants

3.7% average percent weight loss
8.23 pounds average loss per person
2 inch average waist circumference loss
181 total pounds lost
5.85% average, sustained weight loss per participant
85% reduction to elimination of Metabolic Risk Factors (High Glucose, Low HDL, High TG, High Blood Pressure,  Waist Circumference), about a $2,000 savings per person per year
Reduction in filled scripts/ medications (anxiety, heart/ inflammation), a $3,000 savings (Calculated per cost of Rx per person)


Change-work is the integration and application of tools specifically designed to help an individual close the gap between where they are and where they want to be through core competencies of Unconditional Positive Regard, presence and loving kindness.

It is not behavior change.

It is not therapy.

We are not mental health practitioners. (Unless YOU are!)

Change-work is specifically designed to help the client MOVE FORWARD.

“Hi friends! I joined the Nuuaria program 10 months ago and am now 4 months into Heart Training. Today was the first time going to see my doctor since joining the program. Happy tears came flowing out when I realized how my overall well being has changed. I didn’t need a refill on my antidepressant medication. There was a decrease in weight without dieting. When answering the questionnaire about feelings of depression, insomnia or anxiety, I could truthfully answer that I don’t suffer from it to the level I once did, nor do I feel it is something I need to fix. I’m simply being easy on myself, allowing, letting go and knowing that I am ok.” – Marisela, Nuuaria Student

You are witnessing direct results of practicing self-love and self-worth ❤️ Thank you for being the change 

“Keep showing up to do the work and relieve your painful thoughts. Coping with life and creating new possibilities.”

How powerful are those words?? Creating NEW. It’s POSSIBLE. To feel r e l i e f 💫 Nuuaria is — a breath of fresh air — 🌬

Nuuaria means ‘new air’. 


I’ve been part of Nuuaria for about a month now. For the last 6 years of my life, I’ve had high stress/anxiety translating to high to off the charts cortisol levels on my all of my labs. If you know what cortisol is and the dangers of consistently high levels, you’ll know it wreaks havoc in the body and on your entire life.

For the first time in 6 years, my cortisol levels have dropped and are closer to normal ranges. I have also felt better and better as time goes on (still a work in progress). That has to be proof that the program has helped me get here in such a short amount of time. This was an emotional yet invigorating experience for me 

Thank you 💜 -Vanessa, Nuuaria Student

You’ll increase your confidence, experience more clarity and quickly become a leader in your community.

These are the effects of change-work.



Fourteen years of testing, measuring and evaluating results and trends has birthed the most effective methodology, now available for you to learn, implement and create impact with.

You will teach with Nuuaria’s resources while adding your own levels of support and accountability. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you set up your own style that’s matches your expertise and passion and – of course – makes you money.)

The formula is simple:

Take your unique expertise and passion, add the proven Nuuaria framework, have fun, and 10X your life satisfaction factor.

For more details on: Where can I work? How much can I earn? Career & Advancement Opportunities, and a deeper dive into the one year, six-pillar curriculum, download the below


2019 Beta Enrollment: January – March 2019
Orientation: March 2019
(1) Pre-Practicum: April – September 2019
  Part One: Self-Immersion
  Part Two: Education & Training
(2) Practicum: October – March 2019
  Part One: Practice & Supervision
  Part Two: Launching (or Adding to) Your Practice
(3)Post-Practicum and Continuing Education: December – March 2020
  Onboarding as Nuuaria Certified Practitioner
  Marketing & Practice Support Kits (MAPS)
  Live CE Webinars with Maya
  Level Two Nuuaria Method™ (optional)
  Group Facilitator Status
  Earning Commissions from Nuuaria



In this area, the student will dive deep into the Nuuaria Method™…. to change themselves. Before we can impact change, we must first be the change. In the first three months, you will learn how to change your own habits in thought, emotion and behavior. This is a deep immersion dive that moves quickly and is taught through online courses, live weekly skills labs with Maya and other optional support opportunities. The basics skills the student will INTEGRATE:

  • The science of a habit loop
  • Stepping stone methodology
  • Tools for self-responsibility
  • Personal organization and time management
  • Thought to emotion connection
  • Emotion to thought connection
  • Basic brain science
  • Techniques in self-directed neuroplasticity
  • 3-Step Thought Redirection process
  • Meditation
  • Slowing thought momentum
  • How to feel
  • Defining emotional goals
  • How changing how you think and feel, effortlessly changes behavior
  • The crucial role of resistance
  • The crucial role of integration



In this area, the student will slow down, rework the curriculum while learning how to teach, coach and mentor clients and patients through it. Students will learn the foundations of change-work coaching, including but not limited to:

  • How to know where the client is at in their change-work journey at all times, even when the client cannot see it for themselves
  • How to guide the client into the right lesson at the right time for them
  • How to spot ANY incongruency within your client
  • How to mentor through client frustrations
  • How to keep clients focused and on track
  • How to coach via various client personality types you’ll encounter
  • How to measure success for each client type
  • How to turn recommendations into questions, leading your client to the answer via building the power of their own strategic thinking, awareness, and self-responsibility
  • What it means to become a visionary for your clients
  • Discover how to always have the ‘answer’ for your client
  • Learn the transformational skills to induce the change-work process within the client
  • How to stay present with your clients and keep their voice louder than the rambling one in your head
  • How to hold Unconditional Positive Regard for your client
  • How to ask the right question at the right time
  • How to think like a coach, mentor and teacher
  • How to use Thought Redirection for the client
  • How to stay big-picture focused admits a client’s chaos
  • How to implement non-doing as doing in your life and practice



During this time, the student will begin application of the core competencies in working with each other through role-play, practice Nuuaria clients and potentially their own clients with supervision and training. This is one of those rare components that truly sets our program apart, because it is only in truly working with clients, students and patients that
you will more fully integrate your pre-practicum education and training. Practice and supervision will include:

  • Recorded role-playing
  • Practice client scenarios
  • Continued Weekly webinar skills lab with Maya
  • Conducting 30 practice coaching sessions
  • Receive feedback and supervision
  • Preparation for the final exam



Integrate simple marketing and business systems within their area of expertise while continuing and completing practicum part one and final exam preparation. Include:

  • The basics of getting started (or upleveling your current practice) with the Nuuaria Method™
  • The most crucial first steps laid out for you with options and done-for-you formats
  • Done-for-you website copy and marketing material
  • The phases of business growth
  • Determining a niche
  • Answering, “What do you do?”
  • How to price your programs
  • How and where to book talks ad speaking opportunities for clients
  • How to schedule clients
  • How to accept payments
  • Time management and prioritization
  • Simple ways to maximize productivity
  • How to create mailing lists
  • How to create newsletters
  • How to attract clients from networking and referral marketing
  • The plan to your first (or next) 5K in coaching income



One of the many benefits of becoming a Nuuaria Certified Practitioner is both the network, framework and tools that opens up to you. Since the Nuuaria Method™ is a fourteen-year tested, measured and proven methodology, this is what you will be using, providing your
clients access to our course curriculum and workbook (required) during their time with you. This is the marketing and practice support kit. There is a monthly fee for this that will automatically be deducted. The two options are: Pay-per-client – best option when starting out, OR, pay in one lump sum – best with a full practice of clients. Remember, these are the Nuuaria Method™ resources while you supply the support, accountability and personal/ professional expertise. MAPS is required as a Certified Nuuaria Practitioner. As part of the Nuuaria family of practitioners, everything is done-for-you, inclusive of future updates. You will also be welcomed into the network of Nuuaria certified practitioners across the country, used for additional networking and referral opportunities.



In the work of change-work… YOU, as a practitioner also change and grow, which is why we require continuing education to maintain your certification after your initial certification process. You will have access to additional resources such as

  • Practitioner CE webinars
  • Online events
  • Community-based events
  • Retreats
  • and more…

Some CE opportunities are complimentary while others are available at an additional cost.

For more details on optional year two education, group facilitator status, and commision opportunities download the below



2019 Beta Program Tuition:

$7500 or 12-Payments of $625

If you need a finance option, we recommend Upstart (

For class of 2020 and beyond, the Nuuaria Certification program tuition will increase to $8,999*. This is a $1500 savings for you, available only once.

What is required of me as a beta student?

Maya will be testing, measuring and developing the curriculum alongside the 2019 beta class. The only additional requirements of this class will be video and written testimonials.

*Final investment is an estimation 


Maintaining your practice with Nuuaria is crucial to your success. While we could never promise you, clients, directly, you will be strategically positioned as a Nuuaria certified practitioner and receive additional marketing opportunities through Nuuaria. In fact, we are growing and need your help!

You will also receive advanced training, updated done-for-you materials, new business trainings, community support and more. You are not alone in your practice, you are now apart of the Nuuaria family too.


Great listeners, natural encouragers
People passionate about friends and family living their best lives
People looking to create an impact
Open-minded and big-hearted people
People looking to put an existing and impactful framework in place, coach more deeply and help spread a new movement of change-work


Practitioners with existing coaching frameworks unopen to change
Non-coachable coaches


This is not behavior change. This is not motivational interviewing, positive thinking or positive psychology. This is change-work.

Change-work leads to real, permanent change by addressing the habituations of thought and emotion combined with core competencies of Unconditional Positive Regard, presence, and loving-kindness.

Humans are wired for growth and expansion. As they grow, it’s important our coaching, mentoring and teaching grows too.

This is the next level of education.


How long will it take me to complete?
The certification is designed to be completed in twelve months. Upon graduation, you will be given a certificate of completion and a seal for your website to display your credentials.
Do I have to travel to participate?
Nope! While some programs have you travel to sites and locations (spending even more money), you can do this entirely online, from the comfort of your own home.
What are the enrollment requirements?
You automatically meet the requirements if you 1) have a professional license, certification, or associate’s degree or higher in any healthcare or wellness-related field; 2) have at least two years of full-time work experience in a healthcare or wellness-related field; or 3) have a health coach certification.
How many hours per week should I allot to course time?
We’ve broke it down into stepping stones for you. The course work will require 7-10 hours a week. Integration work is in your day-to-day routine. Lastly, your course-work time will increase during post-practicum as you see clients and begin setting up your practice (or add to an existing one). The amount of time spent here is up to you.
Do you offer scholarships, financial aid or payment plans?
Yes, we offer a 12-month payment plan. At this time there are no available scholarships or financial aid. We recommend Upstart ( to further finance your tuition.
What if I miss a class?
No problem. All classes with Maya are recorded and uploaded for later viewing.
What if I start the program and decide it’s not for me?
We make every effort to ensure that you have everything you need to make a confident and informed decision before you enroll. If you are considering enrolling but feel unsure, please schedule a free consultation with us: Email or call (480) 481-6697. Please do not enroll in the Nuuaria Certification program just to “check it out.” We offer a refund prior to the end of the enrollment period. After the program has begun, no refunds are offered.
What if my circumstances change and I can no longer keep up with the course work?
Although we do not recommend deviations, you do not need to stay on the exact schedule. You are free to pause and catch up again. You have access to the course materials for a full 12 months after the initial 12 month certification program (2 years total). Note that live support is only available during that first year and we do not accept transfers from one year into the next. You must complete and pass the final exam before graduating and receiving your certificate and credentials.
Do I have to use your courses and workbook after my certification?
Yes. You will be signing a ‘terms and conditions’ page for this. This certification is specific to the Nuuaria Methodology. We are a family and network of practitioners who work and play together towards a greater goal. Your role is to provide the support, accountability, and expertise while we provide the standardized resources that follow the framework.


Beyond the impact you will have on your clients and patients and the complete and utterly satisfying experience for yourself…

Know that you are on the leading edge of coaching and will be sought out because of it.

The whole world knows what to do… and 99% aren’t doing it. If more how-to’s really worked, we’d all be skinny, rich and happy!

Our role as leaders has evolved. There is a way to coach, teach and mentor in this world, that is not of this world. Your education with us will take your personal and professional life to the next level.

Who is the very best possible version of you?

Be that.

Then help others be that.

Welcome to Nuuaria.


2019 Beta Program Tuition:

$7500 or 12-Payments of $625

If you need a finance option, we recommend Upstart (

For class of 2020 and beyond, the Nuuaria Certification program tuition will increase to $8,999*. This is a $1500 savings for you, available only once.

QUESTIONS? (480) 481-6697 Or, Toll-Free (855) 800-3238 Or,

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