What is Nuuaria? Change-work. When you know what to do to create the change you want in your life but just aren’t doing it…. it sucks.

But you see, we’ve come to understand something, throughout this crazy journey called life… there’s an ENTIRELY easier way to create real change. (It’s so much easier than what you’ve been doing.) Nuuaria education provides the resources, support and

accountability you need to create successful and permanent change in your life, not by doing differently but in learning how to THINK and FEEL differently.

We specialize in general health and emotional well-being.

We know that change doesn’t happen until you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

We get it because we’ve been there too. You’ll find an unconditional acceptance for who you are right now. From this place, vulnerability is easier and change is possible. The Nuuaria education is REFRESHINGLY REAL.

Nuuaria is change-work by the people for the people. Through the years, we’ve found something unsurprising… humans want to help other humans. Our multi-level education says: (1) Change me. (2) Be the change. (3) Learn to help others change.

We believe experience trumps all. Lifting others up is the only way forward now. (You haven’t tasted this flavor of kool-aid yet 😉 .)

Through the Nuuaria Method® ology, you’ll be supported in your determination to see and live a better way. And when the storms of life hit, you’ll have learned to be the tree amidst the chaos of everyday life. You’ll find what used to ail, no longer steals your peace.

Our coaches responsibility is only one: to serve you (because they were you) and always hold you in unconditional positive regard through your times of stress and confusion. They promise to be the voice of reason, positivity, and possibility. They believe in you even when you cannot believe yet in yourself. They commit to your total health, healing and wellbeing.

And because we get asked a lot, Nuuaria means ‘new air’…

We’ve found there’s an ease and lightness, a newfound sense of freedom, when you live and breathe the Nuuaria education.

It’s kinda like the new air you breathe when you breakthrough your own bullshit.

Join us, okay? You’re not broken and you’re not missing a piece. We know it may feel that way sometimes, but we promise, everything is okay. Level one is where you’ll want to get started.

Meet Team Nuuaria

Maya Nahra, RD

Maya Nahra, RD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I like flowers. I love the sunshine. I like rocks. I can sit and watch the ocean for hours. I believe meditation is the key to my own personal growth and inner success.

And my heart hurts for humans who suffer…

The kind of suffering that comes from the mind. The self-induced kind. That kind that shows up in addictive behaviors, less-than-desirable emotions and unwanted thought habits, like perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophic thinking and obsessive thoughts that just won’t go away.

Which is why I’ve created Nuuaria, the Nuuaria Method®, to help humans become the director of thier lives, instead of the directed.

Because the peace I have found throughout my journey is an other-worldy, unexplainable peace that is available to everyone and I MUST share this. …And so this is the mission I have chosen for myself this lifetime – to inspire the life that exists beyond fear for all humans. Because I believe world peace begins with inner peace and inner peace is what lies beyond fear. This is my Nuuaria… my new air… a new world reality I see in my mind, hold in my heart and wake up for every day.

Big hugs and love to you, and thank you for arriving here.

P.S. The legit bits if you so desire…

I’m the founder and CEO of Nuuaria, the Food and Nutrition Contributor for 3TV Arizona, a writer, a speaker, a podcast host and a visionary. My education comes from life – read my story here – and some expensive pieces of paper on my wall from St. Louis University in St. Louis Missouri for Nutrition and Dietetics). I’ve been coaching and teaching for fourteen years.



Maya is a behavioral registered dietitian of 10 years, the food and nutrition contributor to 3TV in Phoenix, Arizona, and the creator of the Nuuaria Method®, an evidenced-based habit and behavior change framework for people who know what to do and just aren’t doing it, that creates permanent lasting change despite circumstance and habit.

She is founder of Nuuaria, a center for change, designed to help people close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Specializing in physical and mental health through the multi-level Nuuaria Method® education.

Maya believes that change within the individual will result in the global changes necessary for a sustainable future. Nuuaria is dedicated to bringing the integration-focused change program to the masses, accessible to anyone desiring a better way.

She is also a writer, speaker and student and teacher of human change. Maya lives the minimalism lifestyle and is lover of all things wine.

You’re done with personal growth…

This moment is a reflection of old habit

As Seen In

Get more of Maya’s videos at MayaNahra.com

Pamela Kingsbury, RD

Pamela Kingsbury, RD

Registered Dietitian

My passion for food and wellness began at a young age and was strongly influenced by my mom and grandmother who taught me how to cook and garden. I was obsessed with the flavors of food, the satisfaction one receives from eating a hot meal on a cold winter’s day (I’m from Western Upstate NY), and how the molecules of food come together and are neatly packaged on grocery shelves.

My path to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) has been an exhilarating journey, a story of perseverance really, and I hope it continues to be!

I originally studied Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, then Imaging Science, before receiving my first B.S. in Applied Arts and Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My experiences with Wegmans Food Markets – a Rochester, NY based grocery store chain – ultimately lead me to return to school to study dietetics. After many years of balancing work, school, and well … life, I received my B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado.

Although Space exploration and aeronautical imaging still fascinate me, I discovered my true passion and drive lies in helping others digest nutrition (LOL!) and increase their quality of life.

When I’m not getting paid to do what I love, you’ll find me hiking in the mountains or riding my bike – after all warm weather, sunshine and mountains are what lead me to move across the country.

Jacquelyn Ikonomov, CHES

Jacquelyn Ikonomov, CHES

Corporate Wellness Director & Habit Change Coach

I enjoy adventuring to new places, trying new healthy foods, and learning something new that helps me think differently. Change excites me! It lights my fire. Life is an exciting journey with so much to explore and understand. Training your mind to think openly and accept what is to come next without resistance transforms your life into something beautiful.

I hold a BS in Community Health Education and a minor in Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. I filled an internship in Sweden, at Linnaeus University where I taught Health Education Courses and experienced how Swedish culture -or in Maya’s words beliefs- drive their thoughts of “lagom” (not too much, not too little), which drive emotions of peace, which drive physical habits of biking to work and social “fika” (coffee breaks).

Every day, my mission is to lead by example as an energetic motivator to guide people toward a better quality of life. I can’t wait to meet you!

Josh Reynolds, LAC

Josh Reynolds, LAC

Licensed Therapist

Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated and driven by the topic of personal development. My own struggle with emotions formed a question in me that I had to know the answer to – how do people overcome adversity and become the best versions of themselves? I even took my first personality test at age 12. I still love learning about the role of the personality, along with the mind, body, emotions, and everything that goes into this human experience. Each day feels like an opportunity for me to learn and understand more about this “whole being” experience that each of us is having. I trust and rely on a daily intake of inspiration to bring me right where I need to be, to know what I need to know, and to share all I can share. As I trust more and learn more, I find myself experiencing greater freedom and less struggle, even in the areas I once thought were impossible. I look forward to helping you and trusting with you in your own search as you watch struggle be replaced by freedom, opportunity, and possibility.

For those who are interested in my professional background: I am a licensed therapist and received my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2008, then spent several years providing mental health services to U.S. military units around the world, and have worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Karen Staley

Karen Staley

Level One Mentor

Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. Constant explorer. Words easily used to describe me. Wife to an extraordinary man who is never afraid of what I am going to come up with next. Mother to a son who dazzles me every time he gets on a stage. I am a sister to a big brother and three fierce sisters. Blessed to have friends who understand and love me for who I am. Using books to constantly explore and open my mind is what led me to Maya!

I met Maya December 2016 during a tough period in my life. Her outlook and real approach to habit and behavior change brightened my spirit. Learning the Nuuaria Method and Heart Training combined have opened up my world and enriched my life. I am proud NAU Lumberjack and reside in Peoria, AZ. I am eager to help people who are diving into the Nuuaria Method navigate the journey. I have been a coach to large sales and development teams in my career as well as a mentor. I believe meeting Maya, learning the Nuuaria Method and participating in Heart Training have made me a better me. Learning to trust my heart and what feels right has brought me to this team. I cannot wait to help others feel this good! Change is such a good thing!