Nuuaria is a health coaching company, dedicated to ending habit-driven disease through their proprietary Habit and Behavior Change methodology.  

Nuuaria is the vision of a new reality, of a world without habit-driven disease, where the body is whole, the mind is aware and the heart is compassionate and kind.

Nuuaria is held in the heart of every person on our team who has accepted this mission and dedicated their life to creating the Nuuaria reality for this and future generations.  

Nuuaria means new air. We believe we are the new air humanity is craving most at this time. 


Nuuaria (formerly Healthy Habit Solutions) is a DBA of My Intentful Life, LLC and founded by behavioral registered dietitian Maya Nahra. Nuuaria is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating, holds 5 Stars On Yelp, and is the #1 solution to decreasing the prevalence of America’s habit-driven diseases.   


Our MISSION is to stop the increasing prevalence in habit-driven diseases: obesity, diabetes and heart.  

We hold a VISION is that is greater than ourselves: 

We see the world without these diseases;

we see a world of health and wholeness within each human…

because the mind is self-aware and the heart is compassionate and kind. 

We do this through Habit and Behavior Change™, a methodology specifically designed to create permanent, real and lasting change, not through doing differently, rather, in teaching the human how to think differently. 

We break wrong perspective thinking, societal conditioning and common human thought habit such as lack of willpower, not believing change is possible, placing blame and responsibility outside of ourselves, keeping hope at bay, fear of failing, fear of succeeding and the belief in one’s own inadequecy…

We believe Habit and Behaviors Change™ is the natural evolution of the imminent ending of failed diets, meal plans and a lifetime of medication.

Nuuaria is the vision of a new reality and the revolution that will move us forward now.

We provide support and accountability – through and with compassion and kindness – like the world has not yet seen. We see through individual chaos and believe in a better way, no matter circumstance.

We hold the vision of full and vibrant health for every human, even when they cannot yet hold it for themselves. We do this by first taking care of ourselves.

We believe Nuuaria IS the change we wish to see in the world now.

We know we are a part of a greater collective purpose, happening now.

We love ourselves, our clients and patients, and this mission and vision fiercely. We have dedicated our lives to it. 

So as long as there is neglect, fear, hate, and hopelessness in the world, we commit to matching – and exceeding – its level and intensity with compassion and kindness to bring what we know is possible into existence now.

We are changing the way the world changes their health.

We are Nuuaria. 

-Maya Nahra, RD


Our Team

Maya Nahra, RD


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Maya is also the food and nutrition contributor for 3TV Arizona and has been featured on ABC and NBC News, Green Living and Taste of Home Magazines, the Elephant Journal and Shine Text. She and has been named one of the top nutritionists from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating while her blog ranks number 3 in the country in nutrition.

Maya is a public speaker. From lunch and learns to keynotes, she has delivered motivational lectures and workshops to companies such as Charles Schwab, CVS Health, PayChex, City of Phoenix and Goodyear, Various Kiwanis Chapters, State Bar of Arizona and more.

Maya has been practicing nutrition and behavior modification for over eleven years. Her personal mission is to end suffering of the mind and inspire the life that exists beyond fear. For Maya’s speaking schedule, podcast, Heart Training and more, visit

Kristen Ueberschaer, RD

Kristen Ueberschaer, RD

Registered Dietitian, Health Coach

Kristen is a Registered Dietitian, pilates instructor, and California native. In her relocation to Arizona, she unexpectedly, and perfectly, found an avenue to share her passion for health and wellness through Nuuaria.

Kristen has experience with nutrition therapy in the setting of mental disorders, eating disorders, and chronic illness and disease as well as general weight management and healthy eating. Kristen has personal experience with the deep psychological and emotional pain and suffering that comes with falling short of your own expectations. She too, has battled the ideals and been overwhelmed by the vast amount of health information in the media. She’s set unrealistic expectations for herself, and been crippled by her perceived inability to measure up to her own standards. Yet, she has overcome those fears and found balance, forgiveness, and happiness within herself on her health journey. She believes in you and your ability to do the same and is eager to help you find your fire.

Pam Biendit

Pam Biendit

Journey Mentor

Pam has been a client of Maya’s and a member of Habit and Behavior Change since August 2015. What originally started as a client journey – an overthinking, over scheduling, over fearful client – has now grown into a passion to help others on their own journey through Habit and Behavior Change.

Having been through the health coaching program, Pam has seen the profound changes in her own life. The emotional eating driven by fear, anger, self-hatred, low self esteem, and judgement has been either eliminated or greatly diminished by the steps she’s learned in the Habit and Behavior Change methodology. Now, Pam’s desire is to help others on their own journeys.