With more knowledge available now, than ever before… our world is fatter and sicker now, than ever before.

Nuuaria is a health and wellness company focused on Habit and Behavior Change™, dedicated to ending habit-driven disease. We believe our world knows what to do… and no one’s doing it. 

That’s why our methodology is INTEGRATION-focused. We are the ground crew, here to guide our patients and clients to real and permanent change. 

We offer services and solutions for corporate wellness, physicians, nurse practitioners, gyms and studios.

We believe the key to our patients’ and clients’ success is their mind. We don’t teach more strategies and tools on how to DO differently, rather, we focus on teaching our world how to THINK differently.

Why Nuuaria? We walk the walk. We’ve put ourselves – and continue to do so – through our own habit and behavior changes to continuously become the best humans we can be. We’ve been in your shoes and we’ve thought your thoughts. We believe we are the change AND WE BELIEVE YOU ARE TOO.

We believe world peace starts with inner peace, which is achieved through the journey of health.

Team Nuuaria

Maya Nahra, RD

Maya Nahra, RD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I like flowers. I love the sunshine. I like rocks. I can sit and watch the ocean for hours. I believe meditation is the key to my own personal growth and inner success.

And my heart hurts for humans who suffer…

The kind of suffering that comes from the mind. The self-induced kind. That kind that shows up in addictive behaviors, less-than-desirable emotions and unwanted thought habits, like perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophic thinking and obsessive thoughts that just won’t go away.

Which is why I’ve created Nuuaria, Habit and Behavior Change™ and Heart Training, to help humans become the director of thier lives, instead of the directed.

Because the peace I have found throughout my journey is an other-worldy, unexplainable peace that is available to everyone and I MUST share this. …And so this is the mission I have chosen for myself this lifetime – to inspire the life that exists beyond fear for all humans. Because I believe world peace begins with inner peace and inner peace is what lies beyond fear. This is my Nuuaria… my new air… a new world reality I see in my mind, hold in my heart and wake up for every day.

Big hugs and love to you, and thank you for arriving here.

P.S. The legit bits if you so desire…

I’m the founder and CEO of Nuuaria, the Food and Nutrition Contributor for 3TV Arizona, a writer, a speaker, a podcast host and a visionary. My education comes from life – read my story here – and some expensive pieces of paper on my wall from St. Louis University in St. Louis Missouri for Nutrition and Dietetics). I’ve been coaching over twelve years.


Kristen Ueberschaer, RD

Kristen Ueberschaer, RD

Registered Dietitian, Health Coach

Kristen is a Registered Dietitian, pilates instructor, and California native. In her relocation to Arizona, she unexpectedly, and perfectly, found an avenue to share her passion for health and wellness through Nuuaria.

Kristen has experience with nutrition therapy in the setting of mental disorders, eating disorders, and chronic illness and disease as well as general weight management and healthy eating. Kristen has personal experience with the deep psychological and emotional pain and suffering that comes with falling short of your own expectations. She too, has battled the ideals and been overwhelmed by the vast amount of health information in the media. She’s set unrealistic expectations for herself, and been crippled by her perceived inability to measure up to her own standards. Yet, she has overcome those fears and found balance, forgiveness, and happiness within herself on her health journey. She believes in you and your ability to do the same and is eager to help you find your fire.

Kelli Willer

Kelli Willer

Operations Manager

I just want to be a light in this world. That is how I connected with Nuuaria. I felt this insane energy every time I spoke with Kristen Ueberschaer, RD about how we want to change the world. Then she introduced me to Maya Nahra, RD, and Creator of Nuuaria… I knew I was home in that moment. I could not even cap the amount of inspiration and excitement I felt when listening to Maya speak of her dream to help others. My friends, this is no longer a dream. It is reality.

I studied Exercise Science at Arizona State University and have my B.S in Exercise and Wellness. As a personal trainer and exercise coach I have gained great experience in start up companies, franchises and business operations. Every life turn has led me right here. As Operations Manager I am over flowing with joy to grow with something so big, so life changing as Nuuaria.

When I am not doing what I love at “work”, you can find me throwing the fire engine red, indestructible Kong Frisbee to my black lab-basenji mix- Khaleesi – at the park, hiking in Northern Arizona, weight lifting at the gym, or wherever there may be a ice cold Dos Equis and pepperoni pizza:)

Pam Biendit

Pam Biendit

Journey Mentor

Pam has been a client of Maya’s and a member of Habit and Behavior Change since August 2015. What originally started as a client journey – an overthinking, over scheduling, over fearful client – has now grown into a passion to help others on their own journey through Habit and Behavior Change.

Having been through the health coaching program, Pam has seen the profound changes in her own life. The emotional eating driven by fear, anger, self-hatred, low self esteem, and judgement has been either eliminated or greatly diminished by the steps she’s learned in the Habit and Behavior Change methodology. Now, Pam’s desire is to help others on their own journeys.

Joshua Franco

Joshua Franco

Journey Mentor

Josh found Habit and Behavior Change™ just at his breaking point. Josh was stuck in a rut, after having tried several crash diets and feeling defeated in different aspects of his life. Josh needed a change (for the better) in his life, and finding Habit and Behavior Change was just what he needed. Josh joined the program in December of 2017. Through this program he has found many adaptable skills that translate into many aspects of his day.

Having gone through the six-month Habit and Behavior Change™ program, Josh started realizing all the choices he was making was due to his habits, and the program allowed him to start redeveloping those negative habits into positive ones. Josh’s eating is under control for the first time in his adult life and he has found a balance in his life. Josh is eager to help other’s on their own journey in the program, knowing how much it helped him during his time of need.